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  1. I pick everything I feel like i will get rid of the flaws when really i KNOW they will just get worse more inflamed and nasty. Im 19 but I started picking at a young age maybe 11 or 12.. Ive always given myself scabs on my face that i will continue to mess with and now that im getting a little older my skin is beginning to scar consequently. I feel like if I dont get a hold of this obsession it will continue on until my adulthood and most likely I will end up with unrecoverable skin. I pick my b
  2. I cant keep my hands off my face! and I feel so ashamed about it. Sometimes ill hide away in the house for days at a time because of the stupid scabs IVE caused. Its an incredibly frustrating and vicious cycle. I pop and pick at clogged pores.. little Nothings on my face and I make them BIG red problems. I feel like I have no will power. Everytime i see a mirror I try to find little bumps to "get rid of" thinking im going to clear my skin when I KNOW its just gonna make my face worse. I finallly