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  1. akbrighteyes


    Thank you ALL for your love and support. After speaking with numerous doctors that I trust greatly, I've made my decision. Though this is a very difficult time emotionally, I know that I have made the best choice for everyone involved. I appreciate all of the kind words and thoughts.
  2. akbrighteyes


    I have been on Accutane since May 10, 2012. I have been on 60 mg a day. My last dermatologist appointment was on August 23rd, exactly one week ago. At my appointment, they asked me about my last menstrual cycle. I told them, "Oh, thats easy. I was on it during my last appointment on July 23rd, so I would've started last month, July, around the 21st." It was already the 23rd of August and no period. I peed in the cup anyway and let them test me. Must've been negative because my derm g
  3. akbrighteyes

    Accutane Log <3

    DAY 77!!!! Hello lovelies. I went to California on vacation and it was great. I got a little burned on my shoulders (MAJOR peeling) but nothing too awful on my face. I had my derm appt on Monday and she seemed a little hesitant to tell me that I am looking any better. Because...hmmm...I wasn't! I look the same if not worse than before accutane, especially since I had mild acne. Now she is telling me, "You have very severe acne...".....duh...its from the accutane. Anyway she tried to conv
  4. akbrighteyes

    Accutane Log <3

    Day 60! SO, this is so exciting becuase all of the little nasties (whiteheads, smallish bumps under my skin on my cheeks) are purging and going away. I have picked at some of them and squeezed the gross little seed things out (sebum plugs?) and they left small red marks but otherwise are going away. My skin is getting WAY smoother and ZERO cysts. A few small actives but nothing major. Right now I think my main concern is the redness and acne scarring but my makeup covers that beautifully. Al
  5. akbrighteyes

    Accutane Log <3

    Day 57: Good afternoon! My skin is getting better. Much smoother. Still quite bumpy but its getting better looking!! I am still taking 50mg of zinc each day with my accutane and I think that has helped. I have two actives. I also added a glycolic scrub. It is very gentle and is helping remove my red marks. So far, so good. Maybe this will be the time where I start clearing up for good.
  6. akbrighteyes

    Accutane Log <3

    Day 54! I am over the dry lips. They are so cracked and big looking, haha. And they hurt. My skin is getting better, like I said. I have added a Zinc supplement and that seems to be helping me heal MUCH faster, so if any of you are interested in that, it might be worth a try. I take 50mg a day with food and it has been helping tons since the day I started taking it. My skin is actually smoother right now. My right jaw area has no large cystic pustules which is amazing!!! The complexion
  7. akbrighteyes

    Accutane Log <3

    Day 53: I am almost to my third month. That horrible breakout I had last week is slowly healing. The scabs are coming away and my skin is actually getting smoother. My nose is peeling pretty bad, but oh well. My arms/shoulders are peeling and itchy like crazy, which is a new side effect for me. I have to apply lotion morning and night and inbetween. It's gross--it looks like I let glue dry on my skin and its all peeling away in big white flakes. Nasty and not cute. Can't wait until my
  8. akbrighteyes

    My Accutane Journey: Round Two!

    Thanks! It was a memorable birthday, for sure! My skin goes raw really easily too. I posted somewhere else that I had gone out camping/fourwheeling and got about 35 mosquito bites...and itched them...and now my legs and arms are covered in scabs. It is super attractive!!!
  9. akbrighteyes

    Accutane Log <3

    MID DAY UPDATE: Okay, now someone please tell me why the acne Gods have blessed me with THREE new actives since this morning? I swear to god they just popped up on my face as of lunch time. WTF? At least they are small.
  10. akbrighteyes

    Accutane Log <3

    Yes! My skin keeps peeling and big flakes are just hanging there so I pick at it and the next day it's just back again. Ew. I have noticed my complexion is looking loads better too. I just wish these stupid scabs would go away. I can deal with the redness and marks, but makeup will not cover scabs nicely. I hope you're doing well too---its friday!!!!
  11. akbrighteyes

    B529G's Accutane Log: 21 Yr Old Male

    Glad you can still work out. I am working out too, mostly cardio and light strength training (I don't really know where to start with weights...haha) but I haven't been TOO sore afterwards. Although I went fourwheeling/atving and died for the next two days following....such bad aches and pains. Oh well, so worth it, I had a blast. HOWEVER, I got so many mosquito bites that turned into big scabs that I look like one giant scab. okay that is an exaggeration but you know what I mean. I hope.
  12. akbrighteyes

    My Accutane Journey: Round Two!

    Glad your birthday was great I hope you get super clear skin soon too. That would be FABULOUS! Get some rest
  13. akbrighteyes

    Accutane Log <3

    Day 50! WOO!!!! 10 more days until I am officially in month 3! Then only 3-5 more months left, haha. I am in better spirits today because I have zero actives as of this morning; just healing. I have a lot of dryness and red spots. On my nose, I have a big red spot because skin peeled off and now it's like regenerating so its all peely again, but red too....not the prettiest but WHATEVER no zits. I think I broke out again so bad because my dosage increased. I hope I can stay at 60 for the
  14. phew, you are lucky! I got super pink and was out for a short period of time as well. Now I have spf 100 wherever I go, which is so not the norm for me because usually I go tanning and I get pretty dark. I have gotten really pale on this stuff too....but great skin is worth it! I hope you are seeing more results. I know it is super frustrating to be doing all of this and seeing nothing.
  15. You aren't supposed to be tanning!!