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    it def works to fade acne scars but it will also discolor your skin! free! gives you discoloration and sometimes stings.... its free so why not!
    it worked to clear up my acne way too pricey you know, it worked so it depends on each person if they want to spend the money on the jar but it works very well! within a month all of my pimples were gone and even some of my rosacea...so id say take the risk!
    worked for about a month smells funny, and it felt weird, bit too pricey for size it worked but after about a month it become uneffective and a waste of time, i also hated the smell.
    it smells good and it does clean my face it itches a bit and dont use if you suffer from severe acne i used this product both when i had acne and didnt, and when i didnt have acne it worked fine, but when i had acne it made my skin breakout a bit more and redness all over!
  1. loriannrobinson

    works great! none! this product worked to get rid of my bacne scars and it did work well! it felt nice on my back and i even used it on sunburns too!
  2. loriannrobinson

    i loved how it made my face feel! feels refreshed!! it just felt kind of icky im a guy and i use this to make my face feel clean and refreshed, it works!
  3. loriannrobinson

    good smell sets in well made me breakout and it kind of looked a bit pressed on it was good, but i like something a bit more natural looking
    it def help to reduce the couple of pimples i had it smelled a bit funny and dried on my face it did work, but it had strong smell that kind of lingered and it bothered me!
  4. loriannrobinson

    great smell keeps face moisturized too much money barely worked kept my face greasy bottom line is that it barely faded any of my scars and the one that it did fade it took like 6 months to...too long.
  5. loriannrobinson

    love the smell and the way my face feel afterwards!! none!! it worked and kept my face clean and oil free as long as you use it about 2 times a day!