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  1. Hey. I can't tell you how much I understand every single thing you are saying in your post. I have been through basiccaly everything you have. Missing out on fun times with friends, making excuses for everything. I am starting to develop an eating disorder as well with out even realizng it half the time, because its for my skin, not for the image of my body. I dont know what to tell you. I use proactiv religiously, mostly just once a day the whole system. Only once so I don't get red and irrita
  2. I'm actually really confused on this matter. Literally every person/friend/sibling/celeberty/stranger... anyone i see or know that religiously smokes cigarettes has very clear skin!! i dont understand?? maybe it does help... is there actual proof that it doesn't? Also, I heard it can turn your skin yellow. but isnt it better to have yellow skin then bright red from irratation and acne? write back
  3. All of you guys are so concerned with your acne that you are not looking at bigger issues. I totally understand how you feel though because I sit here all day and read websites like these, hoping to find something to help me. I almost feel hopeless. After reading this though, I realize how ridiculous im being. An apple-only diet??? Sure, even if it is good for your acne...look what you're doing to your body. I have way too many friends who have eating disorders. Trust me when I say, it is the m
  4. do you take accutane? i read that it can result in earloss. go see your dermatologist, and see if thats any of the side effects for acne meds you may be taking. also... <---thats what i look like sometimes. how do i lessen my red face?