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  1. the same thing happened to me before.i used to have clear skin until i turn 20. Believe me its just the beginning it will come again. i am now suffering from acne (worse) . i was looking for a suitable regimen. i hope you can heal as quickly as possible.
  2. Oh.. sounds good. did ur face peel off? because the shipping fee is much expensive we use to buy it together...soon. ...hehe
  3. hi... good to hear that... i will ask our dermatologist . maybe it could help me ^^ tiwiiiiii,cara pesen ke indonesia gimana?trus harganya berapa?.hehe Wow... Bali. im from Malaysia. very close one.. how was ur face condition b4 dz? about the price its very expensive when converted to our currency money.
  4. hi there... I am from asia and live in a hot climate all year round. i hv not tried this product yet. i intend to buy it. But a little doubt after reading your comments. Is this product suitable for oily & sensitive skin? anyone willing to tell me cus im suffer for acne to ...