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  1. I've used TCA Peels many times. I have light brown skin but excessive sunlight as a young teenager and lots of acne hyperpigmentation has made my skin darker and uneven. When I use TCA Peels and the skin comes off it looks very nice for a couple of days but then the darkening starts to come back slowly however my skin still looks better before the TCA Peel any tips on what to do? I do not want to use hydroquinone or products with synthetic chemicals for health reasons. Ingredients I do approve o
  2. Any good products with Azelaic acid but without any unnecessary chemicals/ additivies/ parabens.
  3. Well aloe vera is not known for lightening pigment so yeah when I said natural I didn't mean it had to be completely natural just made out of natural products.
  4. So as you guys can see this is what I am looking for. I have pretty brown skin and I am looking to lighten the hyperpigmentation from my acne. I want it be natural and something that does not clog my pores does anyone know of such a product? All help is appreciated. Please do no include products that have hydroquinone or arbutin as they are cancer causing. Everything else is welcomed.
  5. I don't understand why you would want to take something that only is temporary. Most of the people who have taken accutane have posted that their acne came back much worse after 3-4 months. Usually as inflamed painful cysts. If it was permamant it would have been more considerable but its not. And its extremely bad for your health. You also mentioned that you train, but I should let you know that doing any form of cardio for long periods of time is detrimental to your health and bad for acne. Th
  6. Really do not reccomend going on accutane itll probably be the worst mistake you will ever make. But that is just my opinion. I've noticed that for many people when they went to other coutnries their acne dissappeared and many were able to conclude that it was because the water in different countries is different then the water here. The water here is very hard water with lots of inorganic compounds fluoride and many minerals that can cause your pores to become sticky and clogged. I suggest yo
  7. Is 3 sufficient? Im taking an organic whole foods vitamin called Pure Synergy Organic Vita-Min-Herb Multi For Men by the Synergy Company it has a serving size of 3 tablets.
  8. Do you think a multi vitamin is necessary. I know that certain vitamins and minerals can't be obtained enough from eating a diet rich in vitamins. I also do not feel like purchasing too many extra supplements like selenium, magnesium, iodine. Any opinions?
  9. Oats are a grain so I think you should see how your skin responds to eliminating oats from your diet make sure you atleast soak the brown rice in water overnight but I think you should also eliminate it from your diet to see how your skin reacts to it. If your skin can handle eating grains then you should be fine with those. Coconut oil is better than sesame oil. Make sure your multivitamin is a good quality multi made from organic whole foods. Check the ingredients on your multis also.
  10. Oil is oil, I honestly don't think you should have coconut oil on your face however the only oils that should be on your face are jojoba oil and emu oil. Tea tree oil should be used to combat blemishes. Find a better moisturizer. If you notice that there is only acne on your face and not your body it may be because of the moisturizer your using. You say you supplement with certain products. But check out the ingredients on these products. Are they made artificially? Do the ingredients have unwan
  11. how about Tea Tree Oil from Desert Essence. They have Face washes, body washes, exfoliating body washes and moisturizers all chemical free.