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  1. i have something like this http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/topic/318144-what-is-this-pictures/page__pid__3266723#entry3266723 maybe 15% more indented scars. I will make a photo but i don`t have with what because the camera is not charged.. it`s not very very bad.. but they will fade, why do you say that it won`t?
  2. so, that means that it will not fade away in 2 years? i have this scars for 8 mounths, will they not improve from now on?
  3. with topical? can i use topical? i understand every 28 days skin regenerates with a new layer of skin..
  4. so i understand that if it`s a not deep scar, it will heal in time.. like a little black icepick, but little one it will heal up always.. am i correct?
  5. i take very good care of my skin.. i apply everything nececesary.. The question is, when does a permanent scar occur? Is this possible even if skin regenerates every 28 days?
  6. it take 5 mounths to grow up a little skin in a icepick scar, and now i saw it formed a white SCAB, i don`t know why and it felt of and now I AM AGAIN IN THE SAME SITUATIAN AS NOW 5 MOUNTHS... why did this happen? what can i do??????????? will it heal again? or it`s permanent? please help me.. now it`s again a icepick scar
  7. 1) I have red marks left from BP aply. I don`t know how but they don`t fade easy.. 2) I have squeezed a pimple and left a red mark yesterday.. What can i do quickly? I aplyied honey. Anything else? is lemon ok? How do i apply it?
  8. i have staphylococcus aureus in the nose. can this be a cause of my acne? how can i treat this?
  9. i don`t know.. i exfoliate daily but i see there is a little green thing in the interior of them.. what`s that? can they be dilated pores?
  10. i have a few dilated pores.. what can i do to them to minimize them? i aplied honey
  11. man.. is not something BAD i think.. i was using scruffin lotion 2.5 from clinique for MEN... it says to use it daily but i am wondering if it can take over skin. I havn`t damaged my skin, only the skin care routine from clinique for men.. nothing else.. what do you say?
  12. i had a scar from a pimple and i put honey on it.. it was ok, it was healing, and the skin was regenerating i saw this.. it has 4 months.. now after one week of chemical exfolation, on a cotton ball i see no skin there. can it be from the cotton ball with exfolation lotion, or it`s only in my mind? it will never heal if so?
  13. Hello., I have a few dilated pores. Can i get rid of them? They look like icepick scars and they are very unconfident.. I put honey on them for the last 2 days.. is this ok?
  14. i am talking not about chemical exfoliation. Please read carefully. It says 2 times a day and it is not chemical
  15. ok, but after using the exfolating scruffing with salicylic can i use after an hour BP?