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  1. correct by looking at it u can just tell if it will ever come to a head, but don't be afraid of the needle thing, it's very safe when done right, just follow what i said in my post above and you cant go wrong. a lot of people tend to just grab a needle and stick it and then start squeezing it agrassively with their fingers, follow the steps that i outlined and u can't go wrong and make sure the tea tree oil that u apply is diluted with distilled water
  2. this might sound a bit weird but i have advised this to people before for things of a similar. the this is the fact that it's a bump means there is puss beneath the skin and if it won't to a head then you mostly will have to get to it. now don't be alarmed by this it actually works and is not damaging if done right. what you can do is is sterilize a needle and use it to make an incision in the centre of the cyst-like pimple (gently and you will just know when it get pass the skin to where the pu
  3. this is my best advise, use a sterilized needle and make a small incision to skin covering the blood, at this time use cotton swabs to drain the blood. after all the blood is drained use another cotton swab to apply gentle pressure on the area until no further blood is coming out of the area (this make take a couple minutes). after thats done, apply something like a tea tree oil mixture to the area to help it heal faster and prevent any bacteria from infecting the area. this should get rid of th
  4. the thig is a whitehead is kinda like a mini cyst with a realtively thick layer of skin covering it. by trying to pop it just like that you end up damaging the tissue around it which is what leads to the scarring or pits. what i advise you to do is use a seterilized (use alcohol) needle and make a very small incision to the skin covering the white head to aid in getting it out (i know it sounds weird but it's the best way). make sure to use cotton swabs to squeeze out the whitehead with little t
  5. the thing is BP is not meant to be used as a spot treatment at all. if you want to get preventative results you have to apply it on the entire face or area that you get acne. also yes BP is a very drying product and needs a good moisturiser to go along with it. *Moderator edit - No advertising. Read the board rules. You can share your regimen on this board*
  6. yeah guys im not a big promoter of BP either, i had really bad experiences with it even though it works great for some people but i have read too many bad things about it *Moderator edit - No advertising. Read the board rules. You can share your regimen on this board*
  7. that's horrible, i can't believe they would do that, that's why i can't stand most of these companies, to most of them the only thing that matters is getting the money ouw of your pocket
  8. except for the redness your skin seems pretty ok to me. for redness the best advise that i can give is to use a moisturiser that's very calming. your pores don't seem that bad to me either and that's actually something that very hard to fight
  9. reading that just gives me a sinking feeling in my stomach. i had my own share of acne issues in my life and what ever fraction of what you are going through that i hade to deal with was enough to send me crazy. i must say that giving up is not the answer, i know how hard that can be to accept when nothing seems works. what i found works for me is a combination of a good acne product and good anti acne practices.*Moderator edit - No advertising. Read the board rules. You can share your regimen o
  10. it's best to apply tto twice daily after washing the face, dot his with a cotton pad holding the pad on the affected area for about 5-10 seconds
  11. yes with the peels it is best to wait for the newly exposed layer of skin to heal and normalise then do another. Looking at your pics the case is severe and i truely fell for you. i do think that only time without new scars can really have a big impact. i do hope i have been of some help to you i can tell how frustrated you are but try not to let the frustration lead you do do anything that will be worse for your skin in the long run
  12. People tend to have different feelings when it comes to the different types of acne treatment (topical) out there. We all react differently to different forms of acne treatment and most of us have experience with multiple types of acne treatments. I would like to hear your opinions on what you think works best for you and what don't. What you think is bad and what you think is good. The three main types of acne treatments i am focusing on here are Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid and Tea Tree Oi
  13. Your information is extremely outdated. First, benzoyl peroxide does not have long-term side effects (let alone long-term bad side effects). Second, FDA Classification is 1 (Safe and Effective) since March 2010. I can understand why people don't want to use BP, but if it's for these reasons, then they've made the wrong decision. Look up the possible side effects and interactions with other products for tea tree oil, I'm not so sure that it's safer per se than benzoyl peroxide. i guess the class
  14. i really think tea tree is really great but yes undiluted in can be very irritating cause it naturally very strong what i do sometimes is dilute itwith a good moisturiser just a drop or two to the amount of moisturiser u are about to apply to your face, benzoyl peroxide is a definite no-no for me i will not really recommend that for people. even though it may help with acne it has bad long term effects on the skin. it is a very harsh and un-natural chemical that ages the skin by drying and burni
  15. yeah tea tree is very good, just keep in mind that it is very strong and irritate the skin if not used correctly. when using it remember less is more and you should be fine