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  1. I've used it for 3 or 4 days now with minimal results, anyone know how long it takes to get rid of the small bumps?
  2. does glyocic acid come in anything OTC?
  3. ok so between today and yesterday i've used the grape twice and the mint once and so far I've seen just the size of some of the bumps minimally get smaller. my question is to anyone who has used these and had success getting rid of their small bumps how long did it take? thanks
  4. I picked up both the grape and the mint stuff we'll see if they work...
  5. has anyone had success with the queen helene's and has anything else worked for anyone? thanks.
  6. I to have the little colorless bumps several places and nothing seems to work, anyone have any suggestions and where would I pick up Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask? Thanks for any help!
  7. i also have the smallish bumps a little on my forehead but most are concentrated around both sides of my mouth. I've been told they're most likely clogged pores as well but how do I go about getting rid of them, stuff like SA and BP have really done nothing and they just slowly keep getting worse, any know of anything? thanks.
  8. most BP around me (PA) is 10%...2.5 is a b!tch to find but I have found it consistently at Wal-Mart for pretty cheap.
  9. Since going on the regimen basically I've had no problems except on place...the corners of my mouth. But they really aren't the usual red or pinkish zit they are a bunch of very small zits the same color as the skin that on occasion do turn red and get a little bigger but mainly they stay very small and flesh color. So my problem is from far I look fine but up close they are sorta noticable. Has anyone else had these and how did they get rid of them because they've been there for ever and are
  10. it depends, is it underneath your pennis on the bottom of the scrodum, i'll randomly get 1 there every so often and i've read that can be a somewhat common place to get them, other than that if it is actually on your penis that probably isn't a good thing.
  11. I drink twice the milk of anyone i know and my face is fine other than a bad breakout 3 weeks ago when i found this site, since then i've never changed my milk intake and my face other than red marks is basically clear.
  12. not to be off topic but what is your opinion on those protein jugs?
  13. yep BP certainly can do a number on towels and other fabrics but it's never bothered my hair.
  14. the tape method is ok for red marks. It's certainly not going to help overnight and it takes awhile to notoice a difference. The biggest benefit of the method isn't with the red spots it's more ith the skin in general, it helps your skin become very smooth and healthy looking.
  15. what a big bunch of crap...if BP was "thought to cause skin cancer" it would not be one of the most largely recomended acne treatment. No offense but I'd see a new derm cause yours is clueless.