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  1. I'm 23 now, and yeah I've been considering it exactly for that reason.. I'll never get these years back! Just trying to weigh the pros and cons. I've heard so many horror stories that I'm afraid of coming out on the short end of risking those long term side effects I've read so much about. So glad it worked for you though. Keep us updated on how things are going! Also, I noticed the same thing with BP. My red marks seemed much darker, and they lasted FOREVER. I even had the wrinkles around my
  2. WOW. You look amazing. Did it even take care of scarring and discoloration, or are you wearing makeup in those last pictures? I have a huge problem with marks from old acne - mainly red dots rather than indented scarring. Congratulations! You're making me want to try this.
  3. That's great that your side effects are relatively minor.. and I've actually been researching spiro a bit recently because if the acne isn't caused by hormones, I don't know what it could be. And usually my skin is really sensitive (if I touch somewhere on my face, I WILL get a zit there), but luckily Dan's AHA isn't burning it like the other brands of AHA I tried. I think revisiting the derm is probably my best bet. Is your blog on this site or another one? I clicked on it here and got an error
  4. Wow, I wish I had your doctor. I went to a derm a few years ago and was basically put on BP treatments with a BP cleanser.. so it sounds like he might be a little behind in the game if your derm is right. haha I'm just using AHA now once a day at night, then just rinsing with warm water in the morning.. mainly because I just don't really don't know what to do at this point. I really don't want to revert to makeup because I'm afraid it will make it worse. But it's horrible going out bare face
  5. Oh noo. Yeah I quit BP a couple months ago, just started wearing makeup recently now that my skin doesn't look super flaky when I put it on. The last two weeks my skin has been awful.. maybe from wearing the makeup, or maybe a delayed reaction from quitting BP. Who knows. How are you liking Accutane? It's taking a LOT out of me to try and resist going back to BP. I don't want to but the constant breakouts are just getting to be too much.
  6. Hey, I know it's been forever now but any update on the water only method? I'm thinking of giving it a try...
  7. I'm currently using the BP regimen to treat acne, so I have flaky skin if I don't use a moisturizer. Right now my problem is more with uneven skin tone and red marks from old blemishes rather than current acne, so I'd like to wear a foundation. I've tried tinted moisturizers, BB creams, foundations, and concealers and they all seem to accentuate the flakes. Is there any makeup I can use on my face that won't make it look like this photo? FYI: The image is BB cream applied after two layers of
  8. *Moderator edit - Quoted post removed* I've tried natural, believe me. And I have no reason to believe either of the claims you made about Dan or BP in general.
  9. I had the exact same experience using a different brand of AHA (not Dan's). Even using a tiny amount every other day made my skin horribly red and irritated in some areas. Maybe I could try Dan's and see if that makes a difference? The problem I have with makeup/tinted moisturizers is that since my skin is so dry, putting any kind of makeup seems to just accentuate the flakiness and it looks cakey and gross, even after moisturizing. :/ Is there a certain brand you recommend? That's great that
  10. I've been on the regimen for about 4 months now. I still experience a lot of dryness and flaking, so am still not at full recommended dosage (I use about 1.5 pumps) but use jojoba oil and Dan's moisturizer at least twice per day. Using the bp seems to be making my face an entirely different color than my neck and regular skin tone. It's almost an orange-tan color and looks splotchy, especially around my mouth and chin. It is really destroying my complexion. Does this get better with time
  11. I have been on the regimen for probably 9 weeks now. My forehead has never been a problem area, so I have only applied BP to the lower half of my face and never on my forehead. As a result, I've noticed in the last couple weeks that my forehead is breaking out in small pimples like crazy. Can parts of the skin be affected even if they are not being treated? Why would it break out like this if it never did before?
  12. Thank you for this! Would you recommend your Eucerin moisturizer to beginners? I'm afraid it might be too harsh since it contains alpha hydroxy.
  13. You just speak in such general and absolute terms with no empirical evidence to back up your claims. I'm not saying it wouldn't work, and maybe you're right about a lot of things. I'm still interested in where your ideas originated. You said it was a book?
  14. Thank you so much for posting all of this information. Your experience with and insight into the topics of health, diet, and acne will help a lot of people!