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  1. I went to my four month roaccutane check up and told him I wasn't happy at all. So another doctor at the same clinic had a look and told me those little bumps were Milia, and that I needed them extracted out. So I was pretty pissed I went through roaccutane for pretty much nothing. My back acne has cleared up a lot but still am having to use benzoyl peroxide to maintain it being clear. Anyway, so I got the milia extracted around October 2012 - I took about a week off work as there was scab
  2. The red marks have turned a brown shade and don't look so nasty and angry. They also seem a little smaller. It's a huge improvement from this morning. I am so relieved it should only get better from here. I currently have calendula and aloe Vera gel on the marks which are so mild it doesn't sting at all. it keeps it moist and feels better, when it feels dry it feels like my face is going to crack when I smile I also have been taking fish oil tablets as they act as an anti inflammatory
  3. Do you think the healing time would be the same but if you have broken the skin by squeezing? It's very red and raw I did it Sunday night and it's Tuesday. I can feel it tightening and it's hard but not raised What do you think?
  4. I am on lose does of roaccutane 20mg a day but i started out taking 3 a week, then 4 until everyday I had an initial breakout, i suffer mainly from congestion so bumps under the skin and black heads my breakout was just that all my congestion looked more obvious and closer to the surface, the blackheads have now gone (I am on my third month) but whitehead bumpy things are still there, i think a few have gone but not as much as i would like it to. i started seeing a reduction in oil probab
  5. Update My eczema is slowly going, its not itchy anymore just a little red on one arm, woohoo! i used Hope's Relief cream and had regular Alpha Keri Oil baths - seriously recommend it. On a bad note...Sunday night I was frustrated/sad and took it out on my skin, if i could go back I would. Anyway, definitely noticed the difference of squeezing on roaccutane. DONT DO IT. listen to your doctor, unlike me. I feel so stupid I have a deep red mark on my cheek, its not really open skin its
  6. I am into my third month of roaccutane i really dont feel like my skin has changed, i feel depressed, i have eczeme type rash on my arms (I did have on legs but it has gone now), I am always itchy. I feel like no one really understands what I am going through and everyone is telling me to get off it (mainly because my skin still looks like shit) I really have no idea if these whiteheads are ever going to go away. I am so over having bumps all over my face Last check up my blood test
  7. Week 3 my skin feels bumpier - the little bumps and blackheads were my main concern and I don't know whether they are coming to the surface more or what but they are definitely more obvious. i hope this means its working!! my skin isn't dry really - I am on very low dose so might be why (even though its week 3 I have only taken 10 pills) the process of pimples seem to be sped up - get a head faster, dry up faster etc itchiness on my face and head though is driving me insane!
  8. Day 3 Update pimples are drying up quicker than usual no break out yet but only day 3 probably best my skin has been in a month not dry yet
  9. What make up hides dry skin/is moisturising/doesn't clog pores? I was thinking just a tinted moisturiser...
  10. thankyou! I know and I am a uni student so it really sucks..
  11. Today I got first prescription of Roaccutane. Visiting dermatologist cost $150 and prescription was $106 because it was a private dermatologist..could have been $34 so pretty off it about that! First week I will start on 3 pills a day. So will take one tonight, saturday and sunday then week two monday, wednesday, friday, sunday and so on until I take one a day its is 20mg I have had acne since 14, nothing like big break outs everywhere, but have always had these little white bu