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  1. You may want to refer to my post. It is pretty detailed and may give you a good idea of what you may expect. I do know two people that used accutane without hair loss. But please do your research well before you decide to use it. />http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/topic/316406-hope-for-accutane-hair-loss/
  2. I am writing this because after the gut-wrenching months I have experienced I thought maybe someone else may benefit from this ordeal. Every time I went online all I saw were HORROR stories. Even though my doctor assured me this was reversible and temporary, no one was posting solutions or follow-ups indicating that the hair loss had been resolved. I found this scary and disheartening. So, I tried to be hopeful that my hair would get back to normal and vowed that if it did, I would post the