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  1. So far so good; breakout is almost gone. I think I'm going to try washing my face with Ketoconazole shampoo that I use to treat my psoriasis when it's fairly mild... I've noticed that the pimples around my hairline go away when I use it. It's worth a shot and it is an anti-androgen. The only thing I'm worried about is irritating my skin, but it doesn't have any sulfates or harsh ingredients, and there aren't any comedogenic ingredients either. It's a 2% bottle that I have a prescription for.
  2. I've started drinking loose leaf green tea that I purchased from a local coffee & roasting shop, so hopefully I'll see better results. I broke out in three pimples last night, but that was probably because I was lazy and slept in makeup. The spots are tiny and look more like the acne I get from makeup/dirt than the hormonal kind. On the bright side, my back acne is much clearer! I only have three small pimples there along with some whiteheads. The acne on my back wasn't that bad to begin wit
  3. Ok, so some background: I've had acne since I was in about 8-9 grade (I am now in 11). I now have moderate-severe acne. Tried SA (didn't work and sometimes dried my skin), BP (worked a little, but not worth the dryness, Epiduo (worked a little, not worth dryness), Baking Soda (didn't work, dried me out) I just quit the Epiduo a few weeks ago after two months of trying. It was painful, dried me out, and wasn't worth the minimal results I saw. Coincidentally, around the time I quit Epiduo I
  4. I decided to stop the Epiduo. I tried it out for a good two months and didn't see enough results to warrant me applying it every day. It dried out my skin like hell and really didn't do that great a job of clearing me up, anyway. I know everyone says you have to try it for at least three months, but my derm said if two months wasn't giving me any real results and it was still drying my skin out really badly that it would probably be best to just stop using it. I doubt I'll get another prescript
  5. Actually, that sounds like a really great idea! I just looked up the ingredients and saw it didn't have any SLS. And none of the reviews I've read have reported any dryness. I think I'll try it once my Cetaphil runs out.
  6. I think you should definitely give Epiduo the full three months before you even think about Accutane... it's a heavy drug, and you probably shouldn't go to drastic measures before you're sure gentler options won't work for you. If you do go the full three months and don't see any improvement with Epiduo, maybe you could try Tazorac? It's more heavy duty than Epiduo and doesn't have as many side-effects as Accutane. And you could still use Benzoyl Peroxide in the mornings if your skin isn't too d
  7. Day 19 IB is over, I think. Now my acne is mostly as severe as it was before I started. Absolutely no irritation/burning, and I've been using Epiduo undiluted for about five days straight Peeling is still terrible, but not quite as bad as it was a few days ago. I've stopped using a moisturizer after Epiduo as I was afraid it would mess with the efficacy of the Epiduo, and I haven't had to use moisturizer as a buffer for a while. My back is looking better due to the Doxycycline - it went from
  8. Honestly, not a fan. My derm recommended it to me to use along with Epiduo (Adapalene (synthetic retinoid) plus 2.5% BP), and especially if you're using something drying like a retinoid or BP, it will dry you out. It always makes my skin feel tight/flaky after I use it and sometimes it burns if my skin is particularly irritated. It also leaves a film after I've rinsed and doesn't really feel like a cleanser when I put it on my skin (very slippery and thick)
  9. I've been using Epiduo for a few weeks, and was wondering if I could use an AHA/BHA to help control the peeling or if it would be too irritating? I use Epiduo at night and would use the exfoliant in the morning. I also don't really know which one would be best to use and was wondering if anyone had recommendations from the Paula's Choice skin care line? I really don't want something irritating/drying. It just has to control the peeling. I was also thinking about getting an exfoliant for my ba
  10. Day 16 Not much redness or sensitivity anymore, and when there is I just buffer the epiduo with some moisturizer The peeling is godawful, though. I put on makeup yesterday and went to a sushi restaurant (to celebrate my 16th birthday! Yay!) and went to the restroom while I was there - my face looked awful! And it had looked fine when I first put my makeup on! Flaking skin and makeup do not go well together, though. I may have to skip the foundation and just start wearing concealer over my blem
  11. Kenny - I think I'm definitely in the initial breakout phase since I don't think I've broken out this badly in months, and I'm in my second week of treatment. I think the IB is something you just have to wait out and hope it goes away as soon as possible. Jay - I really hope you're right about it eventually getting less severe, because I'm definitely getting discouraged because of my skin - but I'm determined to stick it out for at least three months! Day 12 Woke up this morning with SO many
  12. I decided not to skip out on the Epiduo on day seven because I want to try to control this breakout... not sure whether the absence of Epiduo was what caused the breakout in the first place (because acne takes such a long time to form) but I figure a little BP can't help, right? I skipped my cheeks though, because I don't usually break out badly there and they were still somewhat burned. Today (day eight) I'm pretty much good on the irritation front, but my eyelids, cheeks, mustache area, and l
  13. I skipped the Epiduo on days five and six because it was burning my face severely and I didn't want to damage my skin, make it worse, etc. It was SO incredibly dry and burned... it felt like leather. I spent those two days with Aquaphor and shea butter on my face pretty much the whole time. I also found that a little bit of Aveeno's Soothing Bath Treatment (which is just oatmeal ground really really fine) mixed with honey to form a paste made a hydrating, irritation-stopping mask. Plain full-fat
  14. Day Four Skin burned every time I out on moisturizer or makeup. I got some Simple rich replenishing moisturizer because it was five dollars cheaper than a giant tub of CeraVe moisturizing cream... reading reviews now, I kind of wish I had gone with the CeraVe because it was a much larger container and seems much more moisturizing than the Simple. Kind of upset that something marketed as "rich replenishing" is not all that moisturizing. That being said, it isn't a bad moisturizer for daily thing
  15. Yeah, I think I'm going to skip tonight's application because it's been burning pretty bad today. I want to take a day off so that hopefully I can moisturize my skin a little and get rid of some of the redness/burning.