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  1. Hello, I had moderate but persistant acne (from 13 to 26) and had tried just about everything! Most of it was along my jawline and across my chin, including large 'under the skin' cysts. My derm put me on 40mg a day (I'm about 60kg, or 135lb?) I had an IB but it wasn't too bad, just an all over bumpy face, which went away about the 6 week mark. After 4 months I was about 90% clear. I think I was fairly lucky, from what I've read. But I took care of myself and cleaned up my diet, didn't over e
  2. Hi everyone! Well I finally finished my 6 month course of accutane, and while it was a massive struggle to finish and I wanted to quit several times, I can now say that ive never been happier with my skin! During the treatment I suffered bad back and joint pain, heel pain, fatique, dry and thin skin (everywhere!) and lips, hives and eczema (these were probably my worst side effects) I am now pain free, have the smoothest, softest, clearest skin (more so than the people I used to envy who h
  3. From what I understand, accutane stops the body from producing the oil that causes acne on your body but also from producing other natural oils/lubricants such as those in your joints/eyes etc, which is why you will suffer dry eyes and nose, and stiffness/soreness in your joints and back. You should drink more water, take fish oil, and I would also recommend glucosamine tablets. Express your concerns to your doctor and see what he/she says. The effects should only be temporary, however you shoul
  4. I believe this is very personal decision and can't be made by reading things on the Internet, because as you've said, it's made you confused about whether you should or shouldn't go on it. I would suggest discussing it with your doctor/dermatologist and getting their opinion, as they are the experts. Unfortunately it's a very serious drug and can cause some uncomfortable side effects, but there are a lot of success stories too, so if you do decide to go on it, you should focus on those, but ac
  5. Looks like you've improved heaps already. Your skin needs time to heal, and the red marks will fade. I've been using rose hip oil to help with the scar tissue and it seems to be doing a great job. The accutane can also make you look a bit flushed, so I'm sure after the treatment you will notice and even greater result. )
  6. I found the QV gentle wash really good, better than the cetaphil even. I also use Urederm (it's a 10% urea cream) as a moisturizer. I got it for eczema I was getting on my hands due to the accutane but it was so good I started using it on my face and haven't looked back.
  7. Hey, I had a large cyst recently (I'm about 4 months in to my accutane treatment) and the doctor said there wasn't much I could do about it, and it might just go away on its own. I did some research and found that if you apply a heat pack (not too hot!) it helps 'melt' the waxy material inside the cyst and your body will then clear it away naturally. It worked a charm and was gone within a week (I used the heat pack for about 15 mins each night) If it doesn't look like its getting a head, try
  8. Hi everyone! Ive been reading through your posts (nostalgia - I started Accutane 4 months ago!) and have a little advice! Firstly, DONT TOUCH YOUR SKIN! Yes, you will have break outs and white heads and you're going to probably give up on make-up at some stage soon in lieu of moisturiser, but trust me, people are going to forget seeing you with your zits in 4 months time (hopefully sooner!) when you have gorgeous clear skin. It's worth it not to leave your face with red marks/scars. I would v
  9. Ok I've been taking glucosamine regularly for about a week now, and fish oil (liquid) for 2 days and I can honestly say it has helped HEAPS! I can bend down and touch my toes without feeling any pain whatsoever (where as before id make it to my knees and would groan) and my knees feel less 'dry' and achy. Definitely going to continue with these. Also, in case anyone is suffering - I bought a moisturizer by Hamilton called Urederm. I had some eczema on my hands which it cleared up in a day or 2
  10. spidermanforever - In answer to your first post - If you are having a blood test for things like cholesterol and liver function, you need to fast from the night before your blood test. That means nothing by mouth, except water (lots of it, cause it makes it easier for the phlebotomist to draw your blood).. So you can take your accutane tablet on the day of your test, but AFTER, such as that evening. Dont take it in the morning before your test. Hope that helps answer at least part of your
  11. Hi Everyone! I'm now about 2 and a half months into a 6 month course. Mostly my skin has been quite good, though I still get the odd cystic type lump along my jaw and on the sides of my face. The main problem im having is an aching body! Ive pretty much had to cut out all forms of exercise except walking really. I moved house this weekend (lifting and shifting) and afterwards I wanted to die! My spine and knees are probably the worst. Ive started taking glucosamine tablets cause ive heard
  12. Hi! Sorry its been so long since I replied, I havent really been on here all that much. Oliviafer - I wasnt on antibiotics before hand, I think I was just lucky. IB wasnt that bad for me at all. I'm now about 2 and a half months into a 6 month course. Mostly my skin has been quite good, though I still get the odd cystic type lump along my jaw and on the sides of my face. The main problem im having is an aching body! Ive pretty much had to cut out all forms of exercise except walking rea
  13. Hi! I think you and I could have been twins! (apart from the fact I was 26 this year :-p) What you have described is exactly what I have gone through, acne since early-mid teens, but it has definitely gotten worse as an adult. I would start to feel these huge lumbs coming up usually along my jaw line and just underneath/corners of my mouth. urggh! I had tried just about everything else too, and finally decided enough is enough! I dont want to be forking out hundreds of bucks on topicals and
  14. Hi All, I did scroll through but couldnt find any recent topics regarding this, and really wanted to share this with you all! Ive found this great stuff called Nature's Care paw paw balm (found in Woolworths in Australia for about $6, hopefully it can be found everywhere else.. not to be confused with Lucas' paw paw ointment.) I use it at night and in the morning before work. Its almost the consistency of lip balm, and contains papaya, shea butter, macadamia and jojoba oil. Ive only been on a