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  1. FabianL


    40-50% is significant, congratulations! I am assuming that this is based on what you see? Or do you use something like Sebutape? Are you also using the 5 Alpha Avocuta cream that you talked about earlier? Good luck being a guinea pig and I hope it will continue to improve!
  2. FabianL


    Thank you, purple123! I have browsed the forums but I could not find males who have used it for 3 months or more. I will have another look and in the meantime continue with our trial. That is the best way to find out, after all. I was hoping that some veterans in this topic had used it. No luck...
  3. If it took 7-8 months for your skin to become oily, 5 days is not enough to be able to tell the difference. Besides that, peanuts are not the nuts I would advice to eat on a daily basis. Almonds should be fine, in moderation. Walnuts are good, too. Macadamia nuts are also delicious and good for you. Have a variety of nuts just like you have a variety of vegetables. You can use the http://nutritiondata.self.com website to look at the nutrition facts. Do not let it drive you crazy, though. Just ea
  4. FabianL


    I'm using the NOW Foods brand. I still wouldn't recommend resveratrol to anyone else at this point because what I'm experiencing might just be a fluke, but I'll post an update if I continue to see good results. Hello Jofo, how are you doing on the Now resveratrol? We have used it in a trial without much luck. We are currently using topical spironolactone on some people. It is sometimes used orally for acne in women. In theory it should reduce oiliness / make the sebaceous glands less sensitive