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  1. Hello gingergirl22! Thank you for responding =-) What you're saying about using too many products is VERY interesting. I have been known to use too many products. Before it was chemical ones, and now I guess Im doing the same thing with natural ones =-( I didn't realize this until recently. I just felt I could use whatever I wanted because they are natural. I have heard about the purging process people go thru when they first start using jojoba. I went thru that too, I got whiteheads and stuf
  2. So many views but no one has any suggestions or has seen something like this ? =-(
  3. Hello, I have had acne problems before but Ive managed it on my own by changing to natural products and diet changes. Manuka honey cleared me up wonderfully and I now use it as my regular face wash and mask. Ive also started using jojoba oil and its working great. I have oily skin and the jojoba oil is helping to regulate it. In the last six months the sides of my face and down my cheek area have been persistently red and bumpy. I thought I was having a reaction to the kind of tinted Moisterize