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  1. ninetynine

    My Skincare Routine!

    Whadup skincare routine! I thought I'd share with you my skincare routine (for both morning and evening) in the hope it can help you guys out there who are still suffering from that bastard we all know as acne. So, on we go: Morning LUSH Coalface Cleanser - I use this with an exfoliating pad I bought from Target. I cut little pieces off the block of cleanser and work it into a lather with my hands. I then apply to my face, wet the exfoliating pad, and "buff" the cleanser into my skin.
  2. ninetynine

    12Mo With Epiduo + Mino Anniversary

    So about this time last year I was put onto a six-month Minocycline treatment course for acne. I finished my course in September. I have to say, that stuff in awesome. It's nothing revolutionary, it's no Accutane. But it's done wonders for my skin and it's a lot better looking now that it was 12-18 months ago. My forehead has cleared up completely (THANK GOD). I still get the occasional pimple/blackhead in my hairline or near my eyebrows but it's relatively easy to deal with. My cheeks (mainl
  3. I used to have these along my jawline. I found decreasing my intake of sugary foods helped heaps! I hope this helps.
  4. Does conditioner or shampoo cause hairline pimples...?

    1. ninetynine

      + great moisturizer for flaky dry skin + soothes red burning skin - seems to sit on skin - doesn't soak into skin Occasionally I get super red flaky skin on the skin under my eyes. I use Vaseline on my dry skin overnight and by morning it's literally gone! I use this regularly during winter too to prevent more dry skin. It's inexpensive and I love it.
    2. ninetynine

      + soothes angry blackheads and pimples + minimizes the size and appearance of cystic acne + does work well to rid acne - leaves a white residue if not blended properly - thick consistancy makes it hard to blend - expensive I found the 10% BP strength cream worked much better than the 2.5% or the 5%. I used this product religiously for nearly five years and loved it. Doesn't clear your skin but definitely helps to minimize the appearance of cystic acne.
    3. ninetynine

      Small Bumps On Jawline...

      This did help, thank you! I've cut my sugar intake down (2 spoonfuls in my hot drinks to 1 spoonful) and I can see a big difference.
    4. ninetynine

      Day Before Doctor Check-Up

      I go back to the doctor tomorrow for a 3-month check-up to see how the Minocycline is working. I ran out of my Epiduo (and so had to buy a pharmacy topical cream) so I might ask for a new prescription for that. I'm pretty pleased with my skin at the moment. I've got a few blackheads on my inner cheek and two post-acne marks on my cheek and jawline. I do have two underground blackheads on my chin that don't seem to have anything in them but they're raised. I'll try treating them with 10% BP cre
    5. ninetynine

      Minocycline, Differin Gel And Eryacne

      In answer to your question, I've had good results using Minocycline combined with Epiduo (basically Differin). It did take the full 3 months for me to see dramatic results, but my skin began to clear slightly after about 2 months. I'd definitely use the Mino and Differin for the full 3 months, don't be put-off or disheartened by breakouts! Clear skin is on its way!
    6. ninetynine

      Everything! + non-greasy + good for sensitive skin + combats my flaky skin and doesn't worsen my oily T-Zone. - slight burning sensation when used after exfoliation. But other than that, I can't fault this product. Picked up this little magic-worker after reading so many reviews on it and SO glad I did! I have oily skin but I get really flaky skin around my mouth and eyes of a morning after I wake up, so I wanted a good moisturizer that would counteract that. I got For Dry to Ext
    7. ninetynine

      + purchased foundation in a pack with bonus blush and perfecting powder. + actually helped to minimize my blemishes and dark spots + gave me just the right amount of coverage - I hated the brush and container. - easily spills - accentuated my dry skin - wiped off easily (when oil blotting) I loved this foundation and the shade I had. I have since switched foundations because I ran out and buying it as a stand-alone foundation was upwards of $35. I think the coverage w
    8. ninetynine

      Small Bumps On Jawline...

      I've had these bumps on my jawline for years now, and don't know how to get rid of them. My Epiduo has minimized them heaps, but I still have some. I've tries tea tree oil, exfoliation, cleansers, toners ... you name it. Wondering if anybody has any tips?
    9. ninetynine

      How Much Do You Cover Your Acne?

      I used to use just a simple powder which had horrible coverage and was so bad for my skin. I use a tinted moisturizer with a mineral powder for weekends and when I'm having a breakout, liquid and mineral foundation for school and when I'm having "good" days. Lazy days I don't wear any at all, it gives my skin a break and let's it breathe.
    10. ninetynine


      A bit new to this blog thing, but I figured I'd give it a shot. I've been battling acne since I was about ten or eleven. I was eleven when I was first introduced to the wonders of Benzoyl Peroxide. My mother took me down to one of the local pharmacies, and I was told to use a 5% Benzoyl Peroxide cream and an alcohol wash to clean my face. I stuck to this regime almost religiously. After a few months, I invested in the Garnier Pure 3-in-1 Wash, Scrub & Mask. I used this for a few wee
    11. ninetynine

      Seriously Need Help

      I've been on Mino for almost three months, and my skin is just starting to clear. Just persist with Doxy, its benefits should kick in soon.