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  1. im not sure but i dont think any type of moisturizer is meant for scars. mainly to give it that soft feel but it doesnt do anything for collagen building.
  2. LOL...i think i would go wouldnt wanna walk around with forearms bigger than my thighs
  3. it says it helps acne AND scarring. i wonder how a ingested pill would help scarring. Thats the only part that seems a little sketchy to me
  4. make sure u get vita k for blotchy skin. one of the few products designed especially for red marks.
  5. hey Donna now im no Dr. Phil or anything but i do know marriage only works as long as you can communicate with each other. I see you mentioned that you never told him that your scarring was the reason you never went out with him and his friends. You have to tell him this. That's a must. Support in battles against scars is important because some of the burden you're holding from them can be too much at times. There are many methods to help reduce appearance of scars. Dont lose hope. It's just a m
  6. yeah it should be fine. thats what i started out on. just make sure you follow instructions on how long you should keep on and everything should be ok. good luck to you
  7. on the road to recovery...have fun with it!
  8. thanx for the response. just didnt want to go do anything stupid and mess it up worse.
  9. hey there keep us informed how it goes and the results you see after each treatment. Im always looking for new stuff to see which is best for me before i decide as im sure a lot of other people on this board are the same as well
  10. i really hope she comes back. This is a great place to come to when your feeling down cause you realize your not alone in a fight. Sad n lonely if you are reading this keep your head up cause treatments are only advancing anymore and one day there will be something that works for you. May the Lord bless you with happiness that so many people in our society take for granted.
  11. or anyone else who knows some things about lactic acid peels. i know they're supposed to be good for red marks along with other things but could i use this on my shoulder area?
  12. no kidding...looks like something that would be perfect for me.
  13. you know sometimes i have the same problem. just like you i go into jobs that i know i qualify for because of prior work experience. it sucks that people are so superficial nowadays. i actually got released from my last job because of my ''customer skills" for 2 clear faced workers which really pissed me off. so now im back to the start of the whole process which gets more frustrating everyday
  14. everytime i get pimples and they start to heal it really doesnt leave a red mark but more of a purplish color. are these gonna turn into scars or are they surface scars already. im new to figuring out this stuff so i have no idea. thnx for any replies