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  1. I was lucky to get an appointment for a fruit acid peeling tomorrow. The dermatologist said that I need to use some AHA (I think) cream for two weeks to prepare the skin for peeling. I was using lemon juice on my face to get the post-acne red marks off almost regularly before bed for quite some time (which helped!), but he never heard of this method. I was wondering if this would be enough instead of some AHA cream? I am fairly risk-averse on this one, so would not like to take a risk of
  2. Man, that's what I've got too. I had a pretty bad breakout on my left cheek in the middle of September and now I have it almost clear (looks like I am a bit flushed). Here is what I have been doing: 1) Lemon juice on the spots for 20-30 minutes 2-3 times every day; 2) Manuka honey mask on the whole face for a couple hours once or twice daily (get some honey with UMF16+). 3) Green tea toner in the morning and evening to replace BP; 4) Use BP only on active spots sparingly. Do not use it on
  3. Honestly guys, I am not the one to bitch and whine, and if I do I usually keep it to myself. But now I feel like I am losing it. I am 23 and I had shitty skin since I was 14 or so. I was shy and awkward and moving to a foreign country for college did not make it any easier. I just accepted that it was what teenagers go through and I probably had it a bit worse, but thought: "OK, I'll study really hard now, do my thing and party later." Well, it is 5 years later now. I poured hours and hours a
  4. Hi everybody! I have started using 5% salicylic acid last week to clean up some closed comedones and since then have gotten 5 (five!!!) deep inflammations near my mouth. They are very deep red bumps that hurt a lot and are not likely to come to a head. I have not changed my regimen, the except that I have missed 2-3 days of taking Candex, anti-candida supplement. So far used ice and obscene amounts of 5% BP + antibiotic and managed to dissolve one. Hope it is not too late for the other.
  5. Cannot offer much, but my honest, fairly shallow opinion. First, if that's you on the pic, then I say you look cute to me and you'd need A LOT of acne to make you less attractive. Second, personally for me, I would be less motivated to approach an unknown girl who has acne over an unknown girl without them, given all other parameters equal. But I am sure it holds for all people. Nobody likes acne. However, if I get into a relationship with a girl and she develops some acne that would n
  6. Get out of here! It is really nothing to stress over in comparison to most people here. You can always grow some more beard and cover it up.
  7. So recently I have stopped using BPO, because it was exacerbating my red marks and moved onto natural stuff. But there is so much I want to try. Basically, I need to fade away red marks, prevent breakouts and clear pores. Preferably all at the same time. Here is what I am using right now: - Indian Healing clay masks with ACV (evening); - Manuka honey UMF20 masks (during the day); - Lemon juice (2-3 times a day for 15 minutes, want to try to leave it overnight); - Green tea toner with som
  8. I had something similar just not so severe on my chin in the same spots when I overused BP or used to much soda to exfoliate. It left my skin reddened, dry and a bit flaky and small whiteheads were popping every couple days. I stopped doing almost anything to it and it has improved significantly. Don't know if this is what you have, just my 2 cents.
  9. I used for about 2-3 weeks about 2-3 times a day leaving it for 10-15 minutes. Red spots started fading, doesn't seem like there is any damage or adverse effects. I will try leaving it overnight probably and see how it goes.
  10. Crusader, you pile several things in one post which makes it not very clear what the problem is. If you obsess about his single remark about your acne, you are just being silly in my opinion. It might not be what you wanted to hear, but 1) he was honest with you; 2) he still dated you and is in relationship with you, so I assume he likes you the way you are. I mean, I would like my girlfriend to have a B-cup breasts, rather than A-cup, but it doesn't mean I like her any less or would leave he
  11. After a recent breakout (3 weeks ago) I am still battling red marks on my left cheek. They did get much better after using lemon juice, manuka honey and what not, but I am getting impatient. The red marks on my neck have not responded to the treatment that well (or maybe it is just lighting). Plus, I've gotten some more recent red marks and a couple of others look like they don't plan to go anywhere in a long time. I will schedule an appointment for consultation with a local cosmetic salon to
  12. It is generally not dryer than the rest of my face. Well, crap...
  13. Hi everybody! I started noticing that I have unusual redness around my nostrils. Basically the crescent-shaped skin fold where my nostrils connect to my face is always redder than the rest of the face. First, I thought it was due to some inflammation/acne, but it has been long time already and the area seems clear of inflammation. I have also noticed that when I stretch the skin, I can see some small blood vessels in there. What the hell is this and how do I treat it? I am male, 22 years o
  14. I tried this regimen, but then switched to manuka honey, indian healing clay and lemon juice (drink + apply to red spots) and found it more effective against red marks. But this one works too. Just be very careful with the amount of soda, better use less than more, because it broke me out pretty badly when I used more than I should have.
  15. I used baking soda as an exfoliator couple times and noticed some minor improvement. However, last time it broke me out extremely badly with lots of whiteheads which then turned into... red marks! I might have scrubbed to much. But I think BS is not harmless, it has benefits, but also risks. Using some other natural exfoliator would probably be safer. I used Manuka Honey to fade red marks and it worked wonders.