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  1. You can always consider wearing some makeup over the trouble areas on your face such as a small amount of concealer or foundation. People will probably not even notice you're wearing makeup if you just put on a small amount on the spots you need it the most on your face. It will help camoflauge your acne and make it a lot less noticable so you feel more confident about yourself. If you dont wanna wear makeup you should still go out with your friends and go to work because even if you do feel ins
  2. if it says you can use it twice a day then go for it
  3. Omg I've seen this before!!! I think i started crying when i saw it for the first time too
  4. that has never happened to me before, maybe you are allergic to something in the product you are using, something else in your environment, or the BP itself.
  5. My dermatologist said that you only get a dent after you inject the pimple multiple times. I've had shots before and they worked out pretty good i would say for the most part, helping most areas it was put into. So i would say go for the shot, but that's just my opinion.
  6. I would use a primer before putting any makeup on. This is something that you put on your entire face, BEFORE you put on any other makeup such as foundation, concealer, powder, etc.... i've heard that this acts as sort of a barrier between the skin and the makeup, so it may help. I wear makeup everyday though because if i didnt people would think they saw a monster when they saw me....so i wear primer. I really dont think that you'll really need it though if you're only wearing makeup for a few
  7. Things like this happen to me constantly. For a matter of fact, with almost every product i've tried. It works for a week or so, i start getting all excited that i may finally have my only wish: clear skin, and all of a sudden i begin breaking out again. I think this happens to almost everyone so i wouldnt worry about it. I really dont think it is the benzoyl peroxide that your skin gets used to, but the product itself. The only reason i say this is because i can use a product containing benzoyl
  8. The perfect amount of times to wash your face each day is only twice. Doing it continuously, or more than twice a day could actually make it worse, or at least that's what ive read and heard. Once in the morning and once in the evening would be perfect. That's what i do anyway. Also, instead of just washing with water, you should wash with some kind of benzoyl peroxide cleasner. I've also heard that just washing with water doesnt remove the bacteria from your face, but spreads it.
  9. i really dont think it looks that bad, honestly. You could always try to cover it up with a little makeup also. But remember, you cant let pimples get in the way of living your life. I began to let that happen to me, and everything just spiraled out of control from there.
  10. I would just simply not put anything on it whatsoever for a few days. Of course you should wash your entire face with a cleanser, but that's about it. If you already have some kind of spot treatment you should use that on it, but that's all in my opinion. It will go away eventually if you just leave it alone and let your body heal it naturally. If it doesn't go away however after a while, you could always get it injected with a needle at the dermatologist...if you go to one. You can always just
  11. Vitamin E is known for helping scars in general. You can buy it at the store and rub it on your scars. They also may fade over time. It may cost a lot, im really not sure....but they also have laser scar removal. I've never had it but i really want to get it one day if my scars dont fade by the time i get older. Im only 13 after all. Once again i dont know, but i also read online that the laser scar removal has minimal pain as well. Good luck
  12. Using vitamin E on your scars may help. i havent tried this on mine yet, although vitamin E is known to help scars in general so maybe it'll work for acne scars as well. Also just be yourself...if people are truly your friends, they'll be able to look past whatever is on your face.
  13. I'm on antibiotics as well, and even though we may be on different kinds, i've been taking it for almost three weeks now and i've started to see a difference. My mom told me that the label said it could take up to 12 weeks to see a total change, so i wouldnt lose hope.
  14. I listen to songs that have lyrics that give me hope that one day it'll all get better. Even though you may not like the actual sound of the song, listen to the chorus of: Start of Something Good, by: Daughtry. I always play the lyrics to that chorus in my mind whenever i lose hope when starting a new product especially, and i find that it really helps and keeps me calm.