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  1. dat 14 for me and still get oily face... :/
  2. I have been not masturbating for 15 days now and I've noticed almost no difference.. And I used to do it a lot.. :/
  3. So after reading all the topics that showed up on search here about milk of magnesia I decided to go get some today and try it out. I just applied some on my face and it feels dry and it also looks white all over... Is this normal? I dont think so because I read some girls saying that they use it as a primer... did I put too much on? (rlly dont think so..)
  4. im starting to think that working out might makes me break out too i decided to stop de water only regimen and also got some tea tree oil to put on my face its looking good right now but i still get oily at the end of the day i get acne mostly on my cheeks :/
  5. day 11 and my skin is looking so GOOD. im pretty happy i also started the water only regimen 3 days ago now that i believe my skin is less oily because of this
  6. damn if you're on day 75 and its still oily as crap then might not be working... there goes my hope
  7. results? Day 11, Um yaa basically its always the left side of my face has the red marks. The right side of my face is fine. Its been like this for so long its like im half clear and half with red marks lol. weird just wish it would go away. so no more pimples? thats good, is your skin less oily? im on day 10 and i had a breakout on day 7 but now no more pimples so far and my skin is a little less oily
  8. has anyone noticed a difference on skin texture?
  9. I feel like if I do that it would be ok for me, it would already be a dramastic change since I was doing it so much it was not even normal Im maybe more interesting in having more energy then less acne
  10. have u felt an increase in your energy since your started? i havent but its only been a week for me... did u break out on your 7th day?
  11. broke out today (not a lot), maybe its the 7th day brake out? anyone else had that? hopefully
  12. day 6, skin is still oddly oily but no pimples at all just scars (which are fading too)