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  1. urgh nearly two months on the stuff and had little breakouts on my back, and a pimple on my chest and shoulder. Ive read accutane usually works after the first two months is this going to mean that my acne is going to not be completely cleared by accutane? i feel this way as they are still popping up now and then.
  2. i started on 40mg a day for the first month, and upped it to 60 in the second, my side effects so far? none; not even dry lips. i am a hypochondriac too as my mother says, but if you are thinking about your acne a lot and it is putting you down I would definitely try accutane as I did myself. I did have a really bad breakout on my nose where I had literally 6 whiteheads at a time, which was weird because i hardly get acne on my face only on my back, but either way my face is 100% clear and m
  3. hey guys, over a month on accutane now and I had an appointment on christmas eve with my doctor, she asked me what my side effects were i told her i havent had any side effects not even chapped lips. She said i should go ahead and up the dose to 60mg/day. after a week on 60 I feel fine still no side effects or dry lips which is good! my acne has been clearing up greatly with the odd pimple on my back that quickly subsides. Hopefully it is like this throughout the rest of my course.
  4. I'm on 40mg a day and I weigh around 70kg/160 lbs. I've been taking accutane for two weeks now and i'm just wondering if i should ask my derm to up my dose. ive been reading around and apparently 40mg is quite low especially for someone who is 70kilos. I have an appointment on the 20th december; should I wait or just ask to go up? will this dose work? i've put up with this crap for 6 years now, my acne is on my back. My face has allways been clear apart from two pimples a month maybe? all though
  5. today my doctor said she has sent my prescription out to me, i asked her what dose im on and she said 40mg, i weight around 70-75kg, is 40mg going to clear my bacne up guys? i hear people going on 80mg at my weight.
  6. Been on doxycycline for around 2 months now and still am getting acne on my shoulders/back, the chest has calmed down a lot. I went to the doctors a few days ago he has reffered me to the hospital to have talks regarding accutane, i think this is the only option now.
  7. Thanks for your reply mate, i appreciate it. I have been using baby johnson's shampoo recently as I thought it didn't contain much as it was "simple" and for babies. I recently read about people using head and shoulders to soak on their back? so I bought this shampoo not to use on my back but to clean my hair with as I thought if people are using this to dry their back or whatever it will be fine for my hair. Please tell me if i am wrong. I went back to the doctor's on friday after 5 months on
  8. mine is mostly on the back of my neck but i also get it on the front aswell but not as severe, thanks for the reply hang in there man
  9. So for the past 6 years I have had really bad acne on my neck, my face has usually been clear but with the occasional white heads that come up every few weeks but these will usually heal fast and go away. I have put up with this acne for the past 6 years, mainly due to my mother telling me that I will soon grow out of it. Well here I am at the age of 19 and still getting acne on my back, I can certainly say that it is not as aggressive as it used to be i would have red inflamed zits all over my