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  1. Hey everybody, I just recently started getting "adult acne" and it is horrible....I had mild acne when i was like 14 which was just due to puberty and such, no big deal, then i had clear skin for the past 6-7 years, Now I am 21 , well now for the past 3 months i have broken out ONLY underneath my face/jawline?!? but really bad, moderate to severe acne!! its really hard having clear skin then breaking out so badly. It sounds like alot of people on here have it only on jaw/underchin, so why is thi
  2. I haven't seen a doctor yet, I am planning on it...I think I search for the wrong thing. I live i Maryland and I look online for cosmetic procedures, but generally find all the places that offer things such as laser treatment, dermabrasion...things like that but never subcision or punch grafting...so Now im going to start looking spefically for those things, and try to get a consultation with someone, Thank you very much!
  3. http://hometown.aol.com/dinkydoodle84/crapindex.html the picture is on that link. I tried to get it to show as an image, but it didn't work. Anyway, Ive had this scar for about2 years now and I hate it, becase I feel like if I didn't have it the rest of my face would look pretty much fine...head on and in the light, it really doesn't look all that bad but from certain angles and lighting it looks horrible. When I stretch it or smile it does dissapear, so I guess that's good. I was just wo
  4. I just bought Lancome self tanner cuz I know having a tan helps make scars less noticable & sun & tanning bed exposure can just make skin worse. Well I tried it & it really helps my scars blend in , it makes me very happy. I know its not permanant but, it definitely makes me feel better. I dont really have red marks though, However the inside of my indented scars on my cheeks have redness still and they've been there forever. But they look covered,definitely not worse, my scars ar
  5. Hello, I beleive someone told me before that smoothbeam took care of the red spots on their face. Well I have rolling scars, they're pretty shallow I'd say. But what realy bothers me about one scar on my cheek, is the redness and like, maybe purplness inside the indent, you know? like the indent wouldn't bother me if it were perfectly skin colored! id dealwiththe indent. So I was just wondering if anyone else had smoothbeam and the redness went away fairly soon, even if the filling in takes a
  6. O yeah I forgot to say, the redness inside the scar isn't just the kind that go away from healing, I mean maybe over years I'd hope it would fade a bit, but it's been there for a a little more than a year, so i think it's pretty much gonna stay that way, and it just looks the same ok thanks!
  7. Hey I have a question, hello50 you may have had similar scarring. Well there's One scar Im really worried about first, but not only is it indented,like a shallow rolling scar, but it's red inside I think that may be what actually makes it look so bad, like if my rolling scar were the light color of my face, i dont think it would really bother me so much...So even if smoothbeam didnt' fill n the scar (which i hope it would help) does it really do a good job at getting rid of redness inside sca
  8. Hello50, I'm really interested, what were your scars like, and is it still lookin' good? i read your posts on other threads, it sounds like you've had success! But were your scars shallow? indented? This treatment sounds pretty good.. Thanks!
  9. Well Sun poisoning is just when you Burn really really bad that your face kinda turns purple first then, it puffs up into blisters, big ones though, that have water under them. I also say blisters cuz when you burn your finger or something (in my experience) it forms a little white blister that water comes out of. But unfortunately I dont know much about the Peels so hopefully someone else will respond!! #-o but, you can get blisters from burning, So maybe the peel burnt your skin? Hopeful
  10. I have never done a peel, however they sound like blisters. I got sun poisoning once and my face was covered in blisters that oozed ](*,) however if you dont peel at them or whatever Im sure they'll be fine...
  11. no, I wouldn't buy diet pills from a sumo wrestler. Also I probably wouldn't buy makup from a woman with her face full of acne scars. I'm just saying that's the way it is, so people must care a little bit about acne scars if they paint faces, that's all. I never said Id want it any different. just a thought...
  12. Everyone may have some sort of minor scarring, I'm sure most people do. However in every magazine for women , and mens magazines that are full of women, they all have crystal clear skin, like its been painted on, perfectly spotless smooth skin...every single picture. I'm not saying at all that all those women have perfect skin, or even close, but that's the image either way. so it still sucks.
  13. First of all I loove Mathew McConaughey :D/ but that is besides the point. Yeah I look for acne scars In Everything!! I must be a freak about it, but I know other people like, clear face people dont because I sure know I didn't when I was like 13. I noticed the bad guy in Xmens and Definitely Morpheus'...the women's faces in X men were pretty great, But I still think there's camera trick and Lotsa nice make up involved. I do look for everyones, I notice Jeniffer Lopez has a chicken poc m
  14. Another thing that makes any scarring bad....(severe, or mild), is that none of us had it at one point in time...I think back to like, 8th grade when my skin was like it was when i was a little kid! Normal skin that could go out in public without makeup!! hard to think of...AnD all of my friends have like perfect skin, literally, and when I'm close to their face and stuff and look at it and it's smooth, I think I wonder how bad mine looks...because you know how people say you see your scarring
  15. Hey guys, Im 18 and i have a scar right in the middle of my cheek I want gone! I have others of coure but i can live with them, I read someone wrote they got their scars treated early and that's why they thought they responded so well. Which sounds good, but then i think mine has improved a lot since I put it there a year ago [-X so has anyone found over time scars continue to get better on their own? and maybe i should just wait a long time! I hate it so much when light shines on it from the