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  1. 1. Day 16- Generic Accutane 20mg 2. Cetephil gentle skin cleanser-morning cleanser-sometimes night cleanser if my face is not feeling dry that day 3. Neutrogena acne wash-I use this in the evenings if my skin is not feeling dry 4. Colloidal Silver gel- multipurpose= antibacterial gel, moisturizing, and soothing 5. hyaluronic acid serum= i use this under my makeup sorta like a primer...it feels nice and helps the makeup sit properly on the face even 6. Glycolic Acid toner- I use this as neede
  2. I will elaborate on your comment in my next posting but until then I will say that yes I tried antibiotics with no results and the strongest topical gel, retin-a, .1% has helped a small amount.... been using for 1 1/2 yrs and continue to use it. I am on a low dose of Accutane and only been on it for 2 weeks. I suspect when I get further into this round of treatment and start to experience my initial breakout from the Accutane that my skin will need nothing but moisture and the retin-a regimine w
  3. Okay so I have been visiting this site for several years now but have yet to participate in forums up until now. This blog is a going to give my best attempt at a detailed history of the development and pathology of my acne. I will explain all of the treatments over the past 5-6 years I’ve exhausted with little results. And, I will take you on my current journey while on generic Accutane (second round). These are factors I believe to have contributed and played a role in the deterioration of my