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  1. You should add Sugar to it when applying it, the sugar helps remove dead skin
  2. Hi, I have a question about the regimen, is it possible to use a different moisturizer, because my skin doesn't absorb the moisturizer that came in the Regimen pack, I have always used Nivea for men moisturizer because it works perfect for me, so can I use the Nivea one instead of the Acne.org one? or will that have a negative effect on the results?
  3. Yes I did, it took me almost 1 hour to finish all steps, maybe I should use just a little because my skin never gets dry...
  4. Hi, I have just started using the Regimen today, the only problem I have is with the moisturizer as my skin looks really greasy after using it, and it doesn't go away, I really can't go outside like this my face looks like it has been dipped in oil.. Any solution to this problem, somebody? please?