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  1. Hi, so iv ebeen using the regimen fro almost 1 1/2 months and my skin is getting very clear and i think it will be fully clear at 2 1/2 month range but i have a questiong about the flakiness. After my skin is clear does the flaky skin go away or is it always there? Ive been using the moisturizer the good amount, sometimes even more than needed, and jojoba oil, but the flakiness is still there. On the what to expect page it says that it will all go away after like 2 weeks i think and its been a m
  2. ok so ive been looking into this quite a bit and it has come to my attention to ask if anyone has tried doing this before. Since the cleanser cleans face of oils and dirt your face should be cleansed twice a day, also goes same for moisturizer. And I want to know if anyon has tried using only cleanser and moisturizer without benzoyle peroxide, or after they clearedup they stoppedusing it. Because theoretically and common sence-fully Cleanser will clear your face, moisturizer with jojoba oil will
  3. Hi. So Ive been using the acne.org regimen for about 4-5 weeks and have seen great results. I really don't have any pimples at all except for maybe 1 every 2-3 days which is amazing. The regimen is great and I think it will help anyone who will respect it and stick to it as instructed! But what bothers me the most is using the Regimen itself. I Posted a blog asking when I can stop using it and ppl responded saying its a life kind of thing. That puts a frown on my face because to be honest yes th
  4. First of all the dryness, falkiness, and the stinging will come really soon. It took me about 2 weks for it to really have that big bad effect if you know what i mean. Also you just started the regimen and you are not using it precisly like it says to do. you should go way down on the bp. you need to be using about the size of the first inch of your finger. (the part where your finger starts and reaches a line). That might be the reason why you are not having anything so dry and flaky, because
  5. I have a queston about jojoba oil. Does it help get rid of the post pimple red marks, flakiness, and does it moisturize really good?
  6. Hi, so ive been on the regimen for about 4 weeks now and im seeing really big improvement, but what I want to ask are 3 really simple and 3 really not that clear to me kinda questins. 1. What does jojba oil really do. stop flakiness? moisturises? DETAILS PLEASE!!! 2. AHA is called a moisturizer and i thought it was a spot treatment, not sure. Which is it lol? Again pls tell in details. 3. this is a question not about the regimen but oh well. Can I use a vibrating device on m
  7. Ok so im on week 2 on the regimen and i would like to know when does the itching, the irritaton and the skin "shedding" go away? Its been going down slowly but its still there, i use 3 pumps of mosturizer and sometimes my skin takes it all in so fast it gets dry again and what can i do to prevent this too? Im pretty happy with the results so far, the redness is fading, and less pimples are there, and new pimples are going away fast. To my surprise, my long lingering cysts went away faster then
  8. OK thanks!! but wouldnt your skin clear up when your like 20 or around that age, cant oyu just stop using the regimen then. And yes it would be expected to get a break after you would stop (thats basically common sense lol) but then it should go away right? And do you think you can suggest any products to use that dont require a regimen long lasting cleaning lol. Thanks
  9. Yes you are correct about my age. And thanks for your advise, and its been only my fourth day and my mild acne has cleared ALOT. i think it works for me. Once again thanks.
  10. OK guys my so i just bought my first acn.org products and its been 3 days since i got them. My face is really itchy, also it has an irritating burning sensation lol. But ya, What I really want to now when do you know you have acne free skin forever and you can stop the regimen? Ive been on this site for sometime now and I havnt seen anyone ask this before. I mean really when can you stop, because I read on google that acne ususally goes away in early 20's or at least starts to go away and I want
  11. Ok so my name is dan just like the founder of acne.org. Im posting this because i want alot of people to discuss this topic and it is when you can stop doing the regimen and how do you know when to stop it. My question to all of you is how DO YOU know when you have acne free skin. I mean im sure that you dont want to use the regimen all your life while you have acne free skin. I really want to know the answere thats why I want as many people as possible to discuss this question so others and mys