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  1. So if acne is caused by hormones solely. Then what about cutting fat totally from diet? Because the DHEA hormone which converts to test and estro is made of cholesterol.
  2. Less calories -> more cortisol Cortisol is the counter for insulin. Cortisol also hels carb digestion.
  3. Meat and fats increase DHEA right? So could vegeterian diet help acne?
  4. How do you claim athletes dont get acne? There are many people who have been exercising for their whole lifes and still have acne. I think you are only talking about atheletes in the olympics and such. I think the top athletes don't get acne because they got pretty much the best genes you can get so their hormones are good anyway. There is also millions of dollars involved in sponsors so the athletes do everything to get more famous which is why they use make up and stuff to get a good skin and
  5. I tried stevia flavored whey iso without lactose and I still got breakouts. I guess I might be allergic to whey or it might be because of igf-1 in whey.
  6. Yes, I think it has my helped my acne a lot. I have applied 150µg=5000iu to my skin topically for two nights now. I have noticed some reduction in skin redness, I think I will get good results since all of the vitamin d is concentrated on my skin.
  7. I only have vitamin d softgels but I guess I could try them on my skin. I will update with results!
  8. I have noticed that people who use computer in a lighted room do not have acne. I have always liked to use computer in a pitch black room and maybe that is the reason why the stereotypic nerd is usually linked to acne.
  9. Im a 17 year old male and I started suplementing saw palmetto a week ago. I dont know if this is because of saw palmetto but I have become really depressed lately and I mean like suicidal depressed! My libido has dropped to zero and I feel so empty, I guess this is not the supplement for me at least, but you should try it and find how it works for you.
  10. Kind of OT but I've heard prozac is pure fluoride so I wouldnt count on that really
  11. Doing really good so far. I have been on the regimen for a week now. It's really weird since I always found sugar to break me out but now I have eaten sweets a lot and my red marks are still fading out! Im going to try how caffeine reacts. I hope it will be succesful so I can finally go back to eating the foods I enjoy.
  12. Thanks for the bump Joner, I think I wouldn't have heard of this method otherwise. I have currently done this for two days and probably keep going forever if this gives good results. My skin pattern has already changed a bit and the food seems to digest much faster. Are there any scientifical documents of this? Could the same amount of food actually provide more nutrients when digested properly? This method seems quite good since in the animal kingdom no animal drinks and eats at the same
  13. Nobody shaving DURING showers? I have a water proof electric razor so I might try this!
  14. Sounds quite logical to me. I've heard that people with blood type shouldn't eat many lectins since they can cause inflammation in the body. I am a type O myself, and I find stuff like grains, veggies and fruits to break me out. And they contain a lot of lectins.
  15. I think im allergic to citric acid. Everytime I drink orange juice my throat starts to burn, I thought it was normal. In the time without orange juice my red marks and acne have faded out remarkably! It saddens me a bit that I found out this just recently, but better late than never should I say!