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  1. Hello, I have been feeling really low and suicidal over the past couple of weeks. 31 may not be old overall, but it is old to start dating for the first time. Men will think I am weird when I am that old and have no dating/relationship experience whatsoever. Currently I don't have an interesting life, as a matter of fact I have no life at all besides work. But I want to work on that, too and start making friends again.
  2. My story is very similar to yours. I am a 31 year old woman with acne who has never had a boyfriend and I too worry about my acne constantly. Maybe you could create an account on this site and we could chat privately and lend each other support?
  3. Maybe I have made it sound like my acne is my biggest concern, but it's more my looks in general. I know what kind of foods to avoid, but it's hard sometimes to maintain a healthy diet in everyday life. I am feeling very self-conscious about my looks at the moment. I avoid all mirrors and reflecting surfaces, so posting a picture of my face on the internet is out of the question. I appreciate your help, though. I may however post pictures of my Fraxel Laser procedure and the
  4. Thank you for all the nice replies. What you should know however, is that my profile picture is from 16 years ago and I am 14 years old in it. I don't look like this anymore. I should have made that clear right away. I have changed it now, because there is no point in having an outdated picture as your profile. I don't have any recent ones, because I never take pictures of myself. I have been told I am ugly many times over the years, starting as a teenager and most recently t
  5. Hi everyone, I could really use some support with my personal situation and would appreciate a few replies. I will turn 31 years old soon and to this day have never had a boyfriend, date or even shared a kiss with anybody. I am growing increasingly depressed, because I fear it will never happen and I would rather kill myself than live the rest of my life alone. But having acne and not being particularly attractive combined with being so old does not make it easy. I am determined
  6. My parents never supported me either. They never took me to the dermatologist for my acne because they thought that acne is just something that every teenager has (which is BULLSHIT!!!) and that I should just stop making such a fuss about it. When I wanted to go to the dermatologist anyway my mother threatened me by saying: "If the dermatologist gives you a treatment that our health insurance won't pay for, you'll have to pay for it!" That scared me so much that I gave up on the idea. Also, in
  7. The first time I attempted to go on accutane again my hair started falling out. It was probably too soon after the last regular course (less than a year). In January I started taking it again and this time everything seems fine. Maybe everyone who is taking it long-term indefinitely should regularly post updates, so that we can all learn from each other.
  8. Hello everyone, my oily skin just relapsed again after my second accutane course. I am so fed up with this! I came across this topic and decided to go on a low dose of accutane indefinitely, too! I will only stop if I absolutely have to, because of bloodwork or other severe side effects like hair loss, etc. For the beginning I will have my blood checked every 3 months and if all goes well, I will reduce it to every 6 months. I'd rather die a few years sooner, but was actually able to enjoy an
  9. On my way to work today I made the mistake to look into the car's mirror and I almost had a nervous breakdown. After accutane my main problem are scars right now. My face just looks like the surface of the moon. I also have a few zits at the moment, but considering how I've been treating my skin the last week I need not be surprised. On Tuesday I ate lunch at McDonalds, and on every other day I had some kind of candy. Yesterday and the day before I went to bed without cleaning my skin (not on pu
  10. It seems to be a common mistake that using only water to cleanse your face is a gentle method. The skin has a pH-value of 6 while that of water is between 7 and 9.5 Water cannot clean the skin completely of dirt and impurities and on top of that it is too harsh and drying out because of the difference in the pH-value. If you don't use a cream afterwards to moisturize the skin, the damage is complete. Have you ever heard of Luminance Skin care? It's a small company in California that produces
  11. Hey, I know exactly how you feel. Just had to finish my second accutane course early because my cholesterol was too high. It's been only two weeks since I stopped taking it and I can slowly feel the oil coming back. I came across a video on youtube from the sisters Nina and Randa and they said that Dr. McDougall and his "Maximum Weight Loss" diet cured their acne within 5 weeks. It is a low-fat diet. I'm thinking about buying this book and give it a try. I'm a bit sceptic because it says it
  12. I would keep taking 40mg. You MAY up your dosage to 50mg but you should definitely talk about it with your derm,but if u don't want to,my recommendation is to keep taking 40mg. By the way,i'm also on Accutane, 40mg one day,60mg the other. I weight 64kg. My hair also is falling out,but don't confuse HAIR SHEDDING with HAIR LOSS. Since i started my Accutane course,my hair shedding increased (body wide),but i'm not loosing it. It grows normally and i keep cutting it once per week. Anyways if u s
  13. Yes I am getting my monthly blood work and am under supervision of my derm. But my skin doesn't feel different than with 10mg, it's just as dry but not drier. My weight is 54kg, but I thought the original rule for accutane was 1mg per kg body weight, so I'm still below that. Maybe the hair loss will stop me after all. I don't know yet. I told my derm about wanting to go vegan and she said, during the first time my skin could actually get worse, because it's cleaning itself and therefore I sh
  14. Hey everyone, I am currently on my second accutane course and I would like to hear your opinion on a couple of things. My first course went from October last year until March this year. I was on 10mg a day for the first 4 months and on 20mg for the last two. I experienced only the usual side effects like dry lips and dry skin. However, after I finished my skin went back to the way it was before within only 4 weeks! I figured that 10mg/20mg are too low to achieve a permanent result. For my
  15. Yesterday I went to the zoo with some close friends and their kids (one of them being my godchild). It was a very hot day, temperatures being about 33° Celsius. So I was unsure about wearing foundation. When it's that hot I can't put on my powder on top of it to hide my oil glance, because it feels like the skin is suffocating under it. But when I wear foundation only I can't wipe the oil away or refresh my face with water. That's why I made the bold decision to go completely make-up free. Of co