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  1. I have my first book signing on Saturday and wouldn't you know it, brand new cyst right beside my nose...don't you just hate it when you have some cool event coming up and then a new pimple forms just days before? My glasses kinda/sorta cover it so trying to remain positive and not worry about it too much. I'll still make the best of things and enjoy it as much as I can.
  2. If I lived in New York I'd totally be up for this...stuck in the mountains of West Virginia.
  3. I totally feel you about the haircuts. I used to absolutely dread the irritation and the image of my troubled skin in the mirror before I started the Regimen. I hope you find a treatment that works for your skin...the bike riding sounds like an awesome and cathartic way of relieving stress!
  4. Hi, what is your technique for applying jojoba oil alone as moisturizer? I moisturize daily on the Regimen (I just don't use the BP and AHA during the day) but what I do during the day is mix jojoba oil with a very light moisturizer. The one I've found that works best for me is Neutrogena Oil-Free moisturizer for combination skin. And then at night I do the full Regimen of Dan's BP, AHA, and a thick Cetaphil moisturizer.
  5. A possible option for you would be to use the Regimen only at night instead of twice daily (that's how I currently use the Regimen) it cut down on the dryness tremendously and it allows me to use a heavier moisturizer right before bed.
  6. I understand how you feel. I once quit a job that I worked at for almost four years because of one bad breakout that just affected me such a deep mental level that I felt like I couldn't face the customers/world there anymore. I had been strong for so long and that was like the catalyst that brought it all crashing down. I really regret quitting that job because at that time in my life, it was one of my only social outlets and it really helped me to not feel like such a hermit in the grand schem
  7. Just a quick life update: Things are going pretty well for me. I'm still on the Regimen (nightly) and it continues to do a good job of managing my acne. I'll never be 100% acne free but my face looks so much better compared to my bad breakout days. In other news, I've found a creative outlet that I love and I'm having some success with it. I've been writing ever since I was young but in the last year or so I finally buckled down and started to take it seriously. I've now written and self-publish
  8. It sounds like on a pretty average timeline in terms of when you start to see noticeable improvements from the Regimen. My advice would be stick with it and ride it out, you'll be glad you did when you start seeing how great the results are!
  9. Wishing you the best man! The Regimen can definitely work wonders
  10. I can sympathize with this. My confidence waivers from day to day and seems based solely on how I look in the mirror on that particular day. If I'm looking fairly clear, I'm happy and confident. If I have new spots forming, I feel monstrous and awkward. Either way though I've still not found the type of confidence that would allow me to go up to a girl I find attractive and let her know I'm interested. It's a self-defeating thing because I know in this society/generation that guys are supposed
  11. My confidence, my ability to go out and be social with friends like any other young guy...but most importantly it took away my ability to find a relationship (that's probably what hurt the most)
  12. Idiotic. Acne is stigmatized by ignorance from a lot of people in the world. Just like one of the most unhelpful pieces of advice people like to give acne sufferers..."wash your face more!" smh
  13. I'm sorry to hear that you've had to deal with this. People can be very insensitive and rude without even realizing it sometimes. Other times they just try to project their own insecurities on you. They don't realize how strong you are for dealing with acne on a day to day basis...and they probably never will.
  14. Guys my activity around here has dropped off significantly in the past year (mostly due to being really busy) but I'm going to try to get back to a point where I check in at least once every few days. This forum helped me a lot during some rough times and I know how low the constant acne struggle can make someone feel. A little update on me: I'm still on the Regimen. I use it only during the night and it's been the most effective treatment I have EVER used for my acne aside from a few semi-
  15. lol Well this is definitely an inspiring post...just the idea that a beautiful girl like yourself would be interested in a guy that suffers from acne/scars is really awesome. Still tho, acne/scars make me feel very unattractive at times. I think that's how it is with most other guys too