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  1. rambetti

    Finally Gone

    Yay! Great news=)
  2. I have just discovered turmeric, it is a commonly used spice in the Indian culture. In today’s world, turmeric is highly regarded as one of the universe’s most healthy spices. It’s antibiotic and anti-inflammatory, and with daily ingestion, it treats and prevents scads and scads of ailments – like many different types of cancer, chronic pain, Alzheimer’s, diabetes … and acne. It’s also very softening for the skin, it reduces swelling (and puffiness!), and it’s great at diminishing the appearanc
  3. rambetti

    Just Another Day

    Well the Memorial weekend is over. I have stayed inside and canceled all the plans do to this breakout. I have been eating very clean and drinking only green tea and water.On the bright side I think the blemishes on my face from the cysts are beginning to finally heal. And mostly inactive, But it looks like a mess, cant even wear makeup to conceal. My current state: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?app=core&module=search&do=user_activity&search_app=gallery&mid=177139&a
  4. Has taking fish oil ever broke anyone out?? I think its causing my cystic acne..

    1. rambetti

      Skin I'm in..

      OK so I have had acne since I was 15 I went through a period at age 16 17 where my acne was very cystic and very painful. Then the cystic came very rarely and never more than i cyst on my face at a time. I was happen to not have a regular occurance of those nasty long breakouts. I have been doing a lot of supplementing these days I workout 3-4 times a week and have been taking whey protein for muscle building but skeptical because i think my acne may be triggered by dairy, but have been doing i
    2. Great thanks. I have tried probiotics before, I do think they're great for over health benefits so I'm definitely planning on keeping them incorporated in my diet after i do the eliminating. I actually got the idea from Bigphil205 post http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/topic/292477-i-found-my-acne-cure/page__fromsearch__1
    3. I so happy I am finally documenting my struggles with acne. I'm doing this to help me remember what I have tried to rid myself of acne I have had acne since I was 15, I have had times where my acne wasn't bad, but it has always been a part of me. I’m starting this blog to document what I have tried, in hopes this will help me figure out what pisses off my skin. Right now I am experiencing a horrible breakout of cysts on my chin. I have not had more than one cyst on my face at one time sin