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  1. for those type of scars you will probably need to inject something in there. I forgot what they are called. I think they are called "fillers"
  2. Many people are convinced that high insulin levels can lead to acne. A new (Peer-Reviewed) Study proves that smoking marijuana can help balance your insulin. It talks mostly about how this can help diabetics but who knows it can help acne to. It does not say how other than that is messes with your brain. http://healthland.time.com/2013/05/21/marijuana-the-next-diabetes-drug/#ixzz2UBbEl5Ij
  3. Lol, he was only trying to help! People who don't get acne live in a really thick bubble. They dont understand or can't relate to us. They put on proactiv once a year and they think its a God send but we put on top dollar creams and it doesn't do anything at all. I think he genuinly likes you, but like I said, he lives in a bubble.
  4. LZOMG

    Convienient and easy to take Cheap with insurance Didn't help acne at all I now have temporary hypertension Did not help Acne at all. One side effect that many people do not know about is high blood pressure. If you have taken this med for longer than a month you should check your blood pressure at your local walmart or other places that offer this free service.
  5. You have got to be kidding me lol. This is great to hear. Many guys (including my self) when fail to get a girl like to immediatly blame our acne/scars but many of us need to realize that maybe we just didn't have the personality the girl wanted. There are way too many ugly guys who get the girls so acne/scars shouldnt be a huge excuse.
  6. a lot of it has to do with the lighting, its not the mirrors. try getting a dimmer lightbulb.
  7. Im sure you could relate to this song 1000000%
  8. Clinadymcin is the only topical that has helped my acne at all. Amoxillan is the only anti-biotic that has helped me at all also. That sucks that accutane didn't work for you but there is suppose to be a new acne vaccine in a few years. It is still in the testing stages. If you google it for a while im sure you will find some useful information. My best advice would be to go on a second course of accutane.
  9. sometimes you just gotta give up and go to accutane or else risk spending years of your life trying to get clear which can only result in your scars becoming more severe.
  10. Vitamin E will NOT help acne scarring at all. You should look into lasers specifically the Deep FX and Fraxel: Repair. If anyone tells you otherwise they are wrong. And acne scars can hurt your confidence but i dont think girls care to much.
  11. severe acne can be unnatractive but mild acne doesnt bother me, mild acne scarring doesnt bother me but ive seen severe acne scars on this site and it can be unnatractive. Just giving my honest opinion, your profile picture looks very pretty though. Good luck with your acne.
  12. don't soldiers get a really good health insurance benefit? I would recommend trying to get put on accutane or go a dermatologist and have tri-care pay for it.
  13. Amen. I don't see how people can read the book of Job and see it as motivational. 1. God has a bet with devil, 2. God Allows devil to destroy Jobs life and kill his children + slaves. 3. Job still has faith??????? 4. God then yells at Job and tells him not to question "his will" Diety's gambling on peoples lifes is classic mythology. And Yes i agree, Religious people who say things like "Don't be selfish by praying acne away" but if your acne does go away it's because God did it???? I honest
  14. it's perfectly reasonable to question "Why???" Then you turn to science and find the scientifically tested acne fighting methods, I would recommend going to a dermatologist as your first step. You're korean and im 100% positive they have universal health care so price shouldnt be a issue unlike the Americas. My suggestions would be to take your dermatologist advice above anyone elses on this websites including mine. They will probably put you on 2-4 antibiotics and there is a loophole. If
  15. Why would a omniscient God create a devil knowing he would turn into pure evil yet still created him? Why would a omnipotent God allow the devil to go on with his shenanigans? So you're saying the devil gave me acne to test my faith and lead me away from god an there was absolutely nothing God could do about it? I didn't stop beileving God because i had severe acne during the best years of my life but it made me start questiong his actions and compare him to science. String Theory > Big B