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  1. Going onto month 5. this honestly kills me. although i only have 2 actives. my skin is pretty much average with everyone else my age but i have a shit ton of red marks
  2. Well, Ive been on the so called miracle drug for almost 5 months now, about to start my last month. Although it has cleared up the majority of my face, it has caused me to get acne on my chin that is still reoccurring and also on my temples? or what ever that place is called. I used to never have acne there, only reason i took accutane is for stubborn scaring cheek cysts. it did clear those up and im wondering whether i should quit and start something new or what since im still getting acne in d
  3. I guess you can say its somewhat improved, it went away from my trouble areas and went to places were i never get it (forehead. that little place that runs between the side of your eye and your hairline, and my chin)
  4. Alright, I know that its not supposed to work right off the bat and all but iv'e been on it 3 1/2 months now with no results at all really. i dont understand. im only going on it for 5 months. my dosage is 80mgs a day (2 40 mgs pills a day) ive always heard the 3rd month is when everyone clears up but i dont understand. any help guys?
  5. im on day 14? or 15 one lol. just read your day 16.
  6. dude imm on day 6 and got mine xD it sucks dont it.
  7. I know it'll come in the mail but can i get my medicine before i get my username and password? xD i dont know if you'll be able to answer that cause i think girls gotta log in anyways to do some questions.
  8. Im a guy, and i got my blood work done and all, my doctor called and said id get accutane in a few days but i dont have my password or username for ipledge? do i have to have it before i can get my prescription filled or will just the card work. im confused lol