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  1. My face has been clear, except i get some spots still, but not really bad spots, Whatever white heads i used to get stopped, Face is super dry eyes really dry everything, UNCONFORTABLE, And California sun makes me wear loads of sunblock and i get red and tan... But Thank GOD my face has been clearing up but I think its not working on par cause I get spots still and my chest has gotten worst due to accutane.. uhhh hope this works, one more month or two left but hey lets hope it works. May the od
  2. Hey how is everything going for you? It's been a while since you've done a blog! :)

  3. Aww thanks and GOODLUCK TOO you to I hope it gets better !
  4. Hey there! Awesome people from UK. I happen to be in retin a BEFORE and experience a minor ib and NOW im on accutane day 26 and yeah i did break out but its was like 4 pimples added to the normal break out not bad but i hatted that week! especially week 2 i was inflamed! but week 3 is like almost heaven! i break out in small really tiny white heads and tiny redbumbs that disappear in a day or soo! so yeah GOOD LUCK AND MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOR !
  5. Well i was gonna post this yesterday when my face was almost clear but now i have 3 cyst but no big deal beacause they are small but anyways my breakouts are less and happen when im about to sleep but then in the morning disappear and i notice the more i think about acne i break out FAST sooo yeah i been drinking loads of water annd excercising and eating well and accutane has been doing its thing. another tip is showering at night i started to really clear up when that happened and don't pop u
  6. awww nice !!! im on accutane day 15 and wow the intial break out is bad i have like 5 cyst but im okay! i have less whiteheads and when i do get them it goes away soo im great loving how my face isn't greasy! well good luck and keep it going!
  7. Nice ... uhhh im getting breakouts and im on day 7! but i guess it can be the sleeping late and regular break outs not bad. GOODLUCK
  8. Im on day 6th of accutane and nothing really. just being hopefull after this theres a 80% chance of no acne ever again LOVING THAT ;;;;;;;;;;;
  9. pmejia27

    Day 5 Of Accutane

    im not sure. i been picking (REAL BAD) i need to stop... starting today
  10. pmejia27

    Day 5 Of Accutane

    THIS IS A BIG LEAP (: i used to be day in day 1 now im in 5 OHH YEAHH IM CAN DO THIS! GAME ON BODY ))
  11. I dont hate my face but it was a bit clear day 3 then right now! Im getting worse break outs and cystic ones too! i probly broke out into 3 cystic ones. But imma stay possitive in the end its worth it.. its just flushing my face so it can reveal the nice skin under this blanket of acne.
  12. well i have these tiny white heads and theres not alot and if i do get the white heads it pops and disappears very quick. thats the process.. accutane is taking out your oil and all the acne you have will come out its flushing it out nothing bad.. pretty good sign that your body is working with it.
  13. Nothing much to say, no side affects (yet). Intial break out starting.... My skin is getting oiler and its purging .. my oil is thicker but im thankfull my skin routine became more simple.. Thats about it keep you guys updated later on. xx
  14. oh good luck to us both ahaha as a cleanser my derm. told me cetaphil or cerave brand. i would use the gentle ones but as of right now im getting the intial breakout and my skin is getting oiler, so im using the reagular cetaphil facial cleanser. and yes Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream is amazing at night!. i recommend using sunscreen (neutrogena ultra-sheer dry-touch sunblock spf 100+) (:
  15. You know my name, not my story. You've heard what I've done, not what I've been through. Stop judging me.