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  1. cristabell92: doesn't your tueb of tretinoin have application instructions? As far as my applications instructions, I use a pea sized amount (literally, a very small amount) once every night and that's what I've been doing since the beginning. There are days every once in a while when my face starts getting dry or peely again and I might skip my retin-A for the day, but for the most part its once a day, every day. I'm sure you know by now, but if I had to guess, I would say that the apple cide v
  2. To LivingDeadSoul: I'm no dermatologist so I don't want to tell you what strength you should be using but I don't think that just because you aren't peeling that your strength isn't high enough. I've heard a lot of people say that they don't ever experience peeling, a lot of people will just get very dry... and you are only a week in so you might have yet to see the "initial" symptoms (everybody's skin is different, but I was about 2 weeks in when I saw the worst of it) If I were you, I would co
  3. This is just a link to my string of posts that I started when I began using Retin-A for the first time, 4 months ago. Just wanted to repost since now my acne is cleared up and I wanted to let it be known how amazing this stuff is! http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/topic/316004-my-tretinoin-log-025-retin-a-adult-acne/page__gopid__3269753
  4. Okay, so 16 week report (16 week pics in my gallery)... at this point I finally feel like my acne is under control. As in, my skin seems to be back to normal (from before my face went to shit) and even when I do slip up with my routine and some stuff pops up, I am able to wrangle it easily and quickly. Like I said, my skin has basically returned to how it was like 2 years ago, before I started breaking out like crazy. My blackheads have pretty much stayed the same (that is probably the only thi
  5. So I'm at week 14 now...and I can report that my skin has continued to improve in this passed month... - the small bumps on my chin have gotten even better, I probably only have about 5 or 6 stand out ones at any given time, but bery much improved from before - as far as blackheads goes, they have gotten better, but just barely... there is one thing that helps them a lot (read on) - I have had one cystic bump this month, I treated is quickly with salicylic (as usual) and it disappeared within a
  6. So I just posted my 10 week progress photos. -since my last post, I haven't had one cyctic bump form that actually came to fruition (one started to form and i spot treated and it was gonein 2 days) So as far as my cystic acne, it has improved vastly! It's quite amazing. -I still have soem small clogged comedone bumps in my chin and forehead area but the amount of them has decreased by about half... -the blackheads on my nose are still their and havent improved much (as usual, they go away for li
  7. So I wanted to post pics today because today is a really good day! It's the week after my period (which is always the best week) and I currently have only one active cyctic bump. It's only in the beginning stages, so its barely even visible, but I can feel it (I put a little arrow pointing to it, surely it will become a problem over the next week). So anyway, everything is very flat right now... only a few of the closed comedone bumps and a couple of those bothersome tiny zits (the ones that hav
  8. Okay so I'm new to these boards and I thought it would be a good place to track my experience with tretinoins. I never had acne growing up (teenage years), I would get small zits here and there, nothing bad... but I have always had blackheads on my nose (mostly the small annoygin ones that never go away and are almost unpoppable) But around the beginning of 2011 I just started breaking out really bad. I did change my birth control in December so I thought that that could have been the cause, so