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  1. I think that physical attraction is undeniably important - especially for relationships - but it isn't the only thing that matters and your skin isn't the be-all and end-all of your attractiveness. Do you take care of yourself? How is your hygiene? Are you a healthy weight? Are you physically fit? Do you dress/smell nicely? Good haircut? Do you have hobbies and interests? Are you fun to talk to? Do you like yourself? Those are all things that we (usually) have some control over. To me
  2. Totally agree with the first part. He's ruggedly handsome and the scars add to his looks if anything from my perspective, but I know people like to get improvement for themselves not for others.
  3. Kind of appalled at the suggestion that some women dont breastfeed because they are selfish. Some women cannot due to health reasons - not vanity or laziness. My mom was one of them.
  4. Male acne can absolutely be hormonal - arguably, the number 1 cause of acne is androgens (male hormones, but females produce them too) which are increased during puberty. I would strongly suggest that you not try to mess with your hormones though, even through "natural" methods.
  5. Try dermarolling maybe. However, you have very mild scarring in my opinion and healthy looking skin.
  6. They can improve for sure, but they are really mild and hardly noticeable to begin with. You can't leave the house though?! You look insanely handsome from what I can see!
  7. In my opinion, distinctive features are what truly makes someone attractive. Most top male and female models have unusual features anyway. Look around and I'm sure you'll see plenty of attractive people with your "problem" and it doesn't detract from them - usually it's their best feature actually. Unusual ears? Daniel Craig, Russell Tovey. Big nose? Chelsea Peretti, Adrian Brody. Best of luck to you!
  8. WOW - someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Her acne looks pretty isolated - but quite inflamed to me. What have you tried on your skin isad? 2.5% benzoyl peroxide works wonders for people - you could try the acne.org regimen.
  9. Hey! I work with lgbt people at my job and it sounds like you are a straight transgender woman - not gay. Please visit glaad.org/transgender to find resources, or ask questions at [Removed]. It does get better...feel free to ask me any questions you might have. We're here for you! (Old topic someone bumped - but just in case they're on..)
  10. Hey! I use this product and love, love, love it! It doesn't fully cover up marks and active acne, but it does a good job of looking natural and feels like I have nothing on. I use nightly tretinoin too.
  11. Hey guys, Just posting again because I believe this kind of discussion can be really helpful overall... That's really a bold statement - no, they're not (I can find lots more sources that will say the same thing). I guess arguing vaccination is off-topic in regards to acne, but I am honestly disturbed by the anti-vaccination movement. It's irresponsible in my opinion and essentially causing the deaths of thousands of people - just because an invalid website tells you that it caus
  12. Hey, Not to totally derail on your success, but I feel like you're making a lot of bold claims with little backing up and may be spreading some harmful information (not meaning to be rude!). Firstly, I would strongly suggest against using lemon juice: read here for more information. I'm really scared by the way you say that cancer is caused by vaccinations too?? Do you have any idea how many people have died or gotten sick from not getting vaccinated just because they fear it cau
  13. Hey, Thanks for responding. I looked into iodine and it sounds like it only works for hypertrophic scars though? I have heard pretty good things about derma rolling too but I really don't want to mess up my face by needling wrong. Are there any chemical peels which might actually work? Is it maybe even possible that the scars could smooth out on their own (especially because I'm using Retin A)? I can't stop thinking about this. Redness I can take - but real scars? I feel permanently disf
  14. Hello! So I have recently had a horrible breakout - the worst I've ever had. It's finally going away after going to a dermatologist - I'm on antibiotics right now and Retin-A. I've been left with a ton of red marks (which I don't mind because they'll fade) - and some scars! Before the breakout I had a couple tiny scars, but nothing that bothered me at all. Now I have a few (quite shallow but there) boxcar and rolling scars on my cheeks. I know this sounds dramatic but I'm devastated. I l