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  1. I have dry skin right now. Literally no oil, only obviously there must be some teeny bit of sebum production because my skin is not paper dry like it was in month 1. When the summer days are upwards of 30 Celsius my skin will be a teeny bit shiny on the nose and forehead, but it never actually feels oily. As I'm writing this, I'm blinking every second because my eyes are soo dry! Before accutane, my neck was the oiliest, just under my chin. Now, I am positive I can withhold showering for a week
  2. You're lucky! Great to see that you're still doing well. If you haven't broken out yet, you probably won't at all while on tane. One thing I've noticed is that my acne scars now. It's the most terrible part of having been on this drug. I used to love my skin for being able to handle the occasional abuse against bad pimples without scarring. Now, most of my initial breakout has left some scarring which I hope will be unnoticeable.
  3. Whether we have normal skin, or oily skin or combination skin or dry acne prone skin, everyone who goes on the drug will be facing the same risks, and it's just a matter of how fit your body is to deal with and break down accutane. I researched this drug since way back when I actually had acne. I'm aware of all the side effects, I know of all the Crohn's disease lawsuits, and I made the decision. If accutane really was as destructive as we think, then we should be hearing terrible stories from
  4. 50-60 is not so big of a difference in my opinion. If your body is accustomed to 50mg, taking 60mg for a longer period may increase the effectiveness of your treatment. And whyyy are you concerned about drinking?? It's only 2 months!! You're going to have beautiful skin and a healthy liver in the end. That's a great thing to look forward to. You just need the will power
  5. I have a tidbit to share: according to a friend who went on accutane for mild acne (40mg twice a week), his derm told him that successfully assaulting the sebum glands, you need high dosages, which should then be taken for short period of time (due to health hazards). It actually makes sense (taking high dosages) but if the consensus is to simply meet the proper cumulative dosage according to weight, and millions have done accordingly, then that's the route we should take I guess.
  6. I'M ALIVE!! What I've been up to recently: couple of job interviews, lots of short distance traveling, lots of sun, and lots of fun. I'm on day...107. Damn. I've been on this drug for 3.5 months now. It feels like last week I started this log. Well no more whining today. In fact, I haven't been thinking about accutane and acne at all the past couple of weeks. When derms said it takes until the 4th month to see results they were right. KNOCK ON WOOD, I haven't had a single pimple for 2 weeks n
  7. I went to Canada's Wonderland two days ago, so I was in the sun and walking all day. I'm still exhausted, and my leg muscles hurt. Also, being battered from the roller coasters Yup, the dehydration sucks, I'm thirsty as I'm writing this. I make sure to drink a tall glass of water 30 mins before breakfast. Apparently it's good for digestive health too, to drink water after your body fasts. Is your derm going to be bumping up your dosage?
  8. I am bad at updating. Maybe I'll consolidate this log so it's a better read for those googling "accutane for oily skin". GOOD NEWS TODAY, I scored an extra 3 months of accutane courtesy of my awesome new family doctor. She's extremely understanding, open minded and honestly looks like she recently graduated from med school, lol. But she knows her stuff (and has neater hand-writing than me!). So, I'm feeling good right now. I was thoroughly afraid I would have to get off accutane at the end of
  9. Lately I've noticed I no longer have dry lip problem. Is accutane losing its potency on me? My nose is slightly shiny, but not enough that I can actually feel oiliness. On accutane, any oiliness can cause me to break out, so I don't want to go through that. Back, arms, chest are smooth. This morning, I just marveled at how smooth my shoulder blades felt. Before accutane, they were rough and bumpy, and my back felt kinda oily. My neck was the worst. It was an oil slick right under my chin. Some
  10. Okay, I've been noticing this too: the small patch of eczema I have on my right hand gets irritated when I've been in the sun all day. I think it could be due to accutane's sun sensitivity inducing properties. When I was in high school, I used to get itchy small patches on my chin, my hands, and my lips would get itchy from the sun. This "eczema" looks just like that. I think what this is, is just sun sensitivity. I don't know how I grew out of it, but I did, and now it's making a reappearance f
  11. I am a picker too! Because I had clear skin before, I just can't help but want to pick the pimples right off. But I know better than to do that now. Anyways, OMG I am on DAY 67 and I am on my 2nd menstruation cycle since starting accutane. I knew it. I'm going to be breaking out every cycle. I feel so depressed right now. One day before my period started, I get two red under-the-skin pimples. A day or so later they came to the surface, but they're huge. I never got pimples like this before accut
  12. That all sounds great! Congratz on starting month 2! It's great to hear you're not breaking out. That's awesome. Hope it stays that way. I wish I had taken Retin-A before starting my dose. My derm had prescribed it, but I was in a hurry for accutane:P
  13. Sorry to not have posted in a while. I had my convocation last Tuesday! And then got super busy with this new certification program I enrolled in. I wore foundation at my convocation. My skin is still healing from those few awful pimples. But it's looking better. I had a completely matte face until the ceremony started. Ugh, it was so hot that day, and the place was packed. I am starting to notice my back is sometimes incredibly stiff. And when I lean down my neck muscles hurt. Maybe I need t
  14. Gahhhhh, I know I'm one of many guinea pigs using accutane to fight severe oily problems. I wish I had more to say than, my skin is significantly less oily!, but I'm crossing my fingers for beautiful skin:D - Wow, it's DAY 53. Still healing from the breakout. No more dry eyes. I'm starting vitamin supplements, maaybe it will support this shenanigans and help my skin heal/not break out. I take my accutane with lunch, so I figure I'll take my Bcomplex with breakfast and zinc with dinner. Anyone e
  15. That sounds good. I'll have to do some hunting as my nearest grocer doesn't sell tto and my closest drug store has tto shampoo, haha.
  16. Thanks, I will try tea trea oil, because the BP is now making my skin kind of red and itchy. I guess I was always allergic to it. So, would you use tea tree and then moisturize, or wash off the tea tree and then moisturize? It would be cool if I could have something on my face that could combat clogged pores and bacteria. Something that's not benzoyl peroxide DAY 49 I haven't posted in a while because there wasn't much to post about. I *think* my initial breakout is getting better but every tim
  17. Ah yes, tea tree oil. Thanks I will try that BP was more harsh on my skin than I thought it would be, but maybe that's because of my history with it.
  18. Yeah, apparently accutane can really magnify drunkenness. Good to hear you didn't suffer anything more than a hangover. My skin started getting REALLY dry in the third week. So it might be a while before you dry out. Since I had super oily skin, it was a real surprise, having literally no oil being produced. It was awesome.
  19. That sounds horrible Rest assured, I'm very very cautious of using products on my face. But I have been scrubbing my face since I started accutane. Maybe I have thick skin? I don't use the wash cloth anymore, it makes me afraid of breaking out, but I use cream scrubs, like St.Ives apricot scrub. I soak my skin with warm water and let the micro beads do the work. It doesn't aggravate, or hurt, or anything. It feels nice and smooth afterwards. As for benzoyl peroxide, I tested it on a very small
  20. I'm around where you're at. I'm at 41 days of 40mg, and unfortunately I;ve been having a breakout this past week, so it's good to hear you're not experiencing an IB. How are your skin's oil levels? Did your skin dry out yet? If so, have you noticed any slight increase in oilyness? During the first month, my skin was radiant, no oil, and after exfoliation, my skin would be glowing and smooth. The breakout is not bad (4 deep pimples right now), but I consider it bad enough for my skin type, as I
  21. I'm also taking Clarus. I started during my period. It was normal. My next period came 1 week late, but that's all. Are you taking it with birth control pills? If you are bleeding for 1 month, you need to see your doctor. See your family doctor and your dermatologist.
  22. I wish it were true! I think wrinkles are just genetics and how well you care for your skin. I KNOW my skin will wrinkle worse than my younger sister. Her skin is DRY, she has to slap on vaseline after washing, but her skin is tight and looks really hydrated. Plus, I have deep laugh lines Crossing my fingers for beautiful skin! So frustrated right now at the "initial breakout". The oil levels are fine but I wish I wouldn't breakout. Day 41: Since starting accutane, I've had a total of 7 new pi
  23. Good stuff! I think the only reason I had a breakout in the first place was because my skin was super clogged from the sudden oil drought. If I had exfoliated regularly and used a topical something to kill bacteria and clear the pores, I would've had clear skin right now.
  24. Hi there. Sad to hear you have to take it again. Here's to hoping you get clear for good:) Can you prevent the IB from happening? I have primarily oily skin and during my first month, my pores were so clogged from the sudden stop of oil flow that my cheeks and forehead broke out, which hasn't happened for 5 years. I'm using St. Ives apricot scrub everyday, biore pore strips, and I'll ask my derm for topical antibiotic to use at night. Don't give any pore the chance to become a pimple. I would u
  25. Hi Vanessa! It seems our skin is incredibly alike. Oh if only accutane could give me permanently dry skin! Trust me, having dry skin (no sebum) is no problem. I would rather moisturize everyday than wash oil twice a day:P Currently, my skin is producing oil again, but probably around 20% of what it used to, which is great. I will speak to my dermatologist next appointment to talk about why this is happening. She wanted to increase my dosage but if the oil is returning, I would expect the same to