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  1. I'm like 100 lbs, started on 40 mg, it made me crazy. My mood swings were bananas and I got severe headaches that lasted all day. Plus my joints would hurt. So I got switched down to 20mg and i've been peachy. As long as you stay hydrated everything is good! I take 20mg once a day and i take fish oil several times a day and i've been fine. The only negative thing is my chapped lips, my skin isn't as dry anymore as it was on 40 mg and i don't have eczema or a flakey scalp! All in all, was a go
  2. Dermatologist Dr. Friedman Medical in Anaheim. That's who I go to. I've literally tried EVERY single antibiotic out there for a couple years and he finally was like... there's nothing left I can give you but Accutane. Which he wanted to give me from the start but I chickened out every single time. And I wish it was my first choice before destroying my liver for 2 years. I'm on 20mg everyday. 40mg gave me headaches :/ But yes, he is not stingy, he even admitted if it were his son, that would
  3. So something happened with Ipledge, apparently there was a glitch in the system that put everyone's source of protection to Abstinence. Mine were birth control and male condom. But they were trying to say mine was abstinence and now I have to reset everything and I can't get my refill for another 30 days.. and I was supposed to get it today. Long story short, i'm screwed. And I won't have my prescription for a month. I'm scared my face is going to get destroyed since i'm going on my 4t
  4. I use clinique acne solutions foundation and clinique mineral powder and i'm fine! It's light weight and not greasy. I recommend it! It's pricey, but guilt free in my opinion.
  5. Lindsey, I'm sorry to hear about your troubled skin, I know how you feel. I have the stubborn/bad nodule type of acne too. It's hard to deal with since none of my friends have that type of acne, if they do, it's the normal small type of pimple that I wish I had instead. But yes, the dry everything is completely normal, you should use aquaphor lip gel for your lips, that's what I use and it's AMAZING, the second you put it on it's a relief. I also put some inside my nose to relieve dryness. I
  6. Thank you Gina and Hazel, I just went to the store and dropped $90 on several products for lips, scalp, dry skin, eczema, eye drops, moisturizer. Mostly Aveno and Nutrogena items. I do drink lots of liquids, but I could just not be drinking enough. I'll increase that! I also am taking omega 3 - Salmon oil actually, I don't really like normal fish oil since the fish are sardines and anchovies. But I did read somewhere that any kind of omega 3 is toxic for accutane users? Unless its post-tane,
  7. Hi there! So here's an overview, So I was put on Claravis a month ago by my derm. Suffering from nodule/cystic acne since I could remember, around 13-14 years old. I'm 20 now. I've literally tried EVERYTHING, every single face wash, cream, diets, antibiotics. Being with my derm for 2 years and he's given me every single pill there was til he finally told me, "I have nothing else to prescribe you, all there is left is Accutane." I chickened out twice and had to go through the annoying Ipledge p