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  1. In all honesty, the key is to take those "insults" light heartedly. I used to get pissed whenever somebody made a comment, now I just laugh and really don't mind it. The bigger of a reaction you have, the more they'll do it.
  2. I'd give a million to have skin remotely close to that. Really.
  3. ...When somebody looks you straight in the eyes, when you have a huge pimple right between your eyebrows. ...When people ask you if you wash your face. NO, I DON'T, OBVIOUSLY. ...When the science teacher is talking about acne and stuff, and the entire class turns around to look at you.
  4. I keep "fighting" because I hate losing. In everything, not just my skin. I'll never accept the fact that my life has gone to shit because of my skin.
  5. That. That right there is my life, but from a female's perspective I guess. I just get really pissed when somebody says "You should wash your face, 'ya know?" BITCH IF THAT'S ALL IT TOOK YOU CAN BE DAMN SURE I'D ALREADY WASHED MY FACE.
  6. I'm feeling like complete crap. Every time my face finally clears up, I get this huge breakout that lasts for weeks, and leaves an indefinite amount of scars. Just two days ago I had a baby's skin, now I have like 8 pimples on my forehead, not to mention a huge one - not even sure if that's a cyst or no - RIGHT BETWEEN MY EYEBROWS.
  7. I have some acne marks I've had for literally two years in the only place where I wouldn't want them: between my eyebrows. They really piss me off because that's the ONLY "imperfection" I have on my skin, and because you can't possibly talk to me without noticing them.. So I've got a few questions: 1. Does sunlight affect these marks? I'm probably travelling south during the summer so I will obviously be exposed to a LOT of sunlight. 2. What's the quickest way to get rid of these? I've had t