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  1. Finished It's something like week 23 and I'm all done. My face is pretty awesome, just in time for summer. I'm so happy with the results of accutane. For anyone reading this wondering if you should try accutane, just do it. This was the best decision of my life.
  2. Hmmmm I have a tough decision to make. I've just never been to big a fan of tretinoin. As long as a salicylic acid wash would keep it mild, I wouldn't care. I just don't want to go back to moderate to severe.
  3. Ok, I can use my old cetaphil cleanser. However, what are the chances of it coming back? I just don't want to deal with it all again.
  4. Hello all. I am about to finish my Accutane course in 6 days. Everything has cleared up well besides a few red marks. Now the question is, what should I use to wash my face again? I can either use some stuff that kept it moderate for awhile in Jr high, or try something completely different. I am thinking something along the lines of a 2 percentsalicylic acid wash or some cleansing pads. I have had better luck with salicylic acid than bp, so please don't suggest the regimen. Simplicity would be p
  5. Week 16 Wowwwww I forgot about this place. I haven't written on here for awhile because I just kinda forgot about my acne. My face is getting so clear it's awesome. I should post pictures, but I'll just wait until I'm done with the course. No acives, just a few red marks from that terrible breakout i had on my left cheek. Prom is this saturday, and I'm really happy my face won't look like a mess for pictures. Side effects: Dry lips, EXTREMELY dry nasal passages, it's getting bad
  6. Week 13 Well, my face is getting better. This is definitively the best week's improvement by far. The red marks are fading better, and my coloration is smoothing out. Side effects: I thought accutane was giving me diarrhea, but turns out it was some bad meet I ate at school. (my sister got it to) Other than that, not many other side effects.
  7. Week 12 Another week down on the tane. I"ve been seeing a steady improvement in my red marks, as they are fading slowly. They took a long time to fade without accutane, and seem to be taking longer with it. I only have a month until prom, but I took a picture of myself in our living room and my acne wasn't that noticable. I think I'll be ok. Side effects: Dry lips, dry nose, bad red marks, dry eyes
  8. I don't really remember, because there ws so much in and out of the building I was working at. With Crohn's disease, I'm not sure. Sometimes I get constipated really bad and other times not at all. I think it's from my lack of fiber more than anything.
  9. Week 11 I don't think the sunburn was as bad as I thought, but it still didn't help any. I was thinking maybe I could use bb cream for prom, but I think people would notice that I covered all my red marks. Also, I think about it way too much. A boy that I'm friends with in a lower grade has pretty bad acne and it doesn't seem to bother him. It just doesn't really make sense. Why do I get so upset about it? Side effects: Super dry lips, some constipation- I hope this isn't crohn's disease
  10. Week 10 I'm really pissed. It hasn't been sunny here for a long time, so I didn't think I would need sunscreen. Well, of course the one day I work outside a week it's sunny out and I get a sunburn. My red marks are a lot worse now, and I really am about to just snap. I guess I can forget about being clear for prom. Side effects: dry lips, bad eczema on arms.
  11. Week 9 Another week down in my life. Still battling red marks. I think they're starting to turn brown in color, which is good. Maybe they'll finally start to go away. I think accutane may have something to do with prolonging my red marks. My skin cuts easily, and the scabs take forever to heal. The correlation is there. Side effects: Dry lips. I really don't have anything else. It seems like my body has adjusted to everything else.
  12. I'm on the brink of losing it. I had two new papules on top of my old red marks. These are the kind whose red marks last forever. I can't take it anymore. This is supposed to be the last resort for acne and I'm still having breakouts in month 3. Granted my breakouts are a lot less, the fact that I'm stilll breaking out really pisses me off. I feel bad becaue my parents have to pay all this money each month, and here I am still breaking out. I just want clear skin. Is that too much to ask for?
  13. Week 8 Another week down. My face is flat now, except for maybe 1-2 small ones. All I have to deal with is the red marks. Does anyone know how long it will take for these to clear up? It's really getting me down, having these every single day. Side effects: All my previous effects have gone down and my body has adjusted. All that I have is bad dandruff.
  14. Week 7 I just keep trecking on. Life is hard right now, basketball isn't really going the way I wanted. I'm pretty sad about it, and I don't think the accutane helps any. Anyways, my face is continuing to slowly get better. I'm at the point where it is all red marks, except these are terrible. I swear I have red marks from an initial breakout that I got from retin-a over 15 weeks ago. As long as they're gone by prom, who cares. Fingers crossed. Side effects: Dried boogers in nose, mildly
  15. Week 6 I can't believe it's week 6 already. Time is just flying by like crazy. Acne-wise, my face is slowly clearing up. I'm mostly flat, and a lot of red marks. I really don't have much to say this week really, other than I hope I'm clear by April. Side effects: I no longer get bloody noses, but I get these really dry, crusty boogers and they make my nose hurt a little. Nothing else really, maybe mildly dry lips but it's nothing aquaphor can't fix.