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  1. Ugh. I MISS MY SUPER CLEAR SKIN GUYS. Whilst on holiday I accidently slept in my makeup. Which mind you, I have never ever done before!! And I was fine. My skin felt super resilient, I felt as if nothing would make it break out. I would touch my face with my hands (normally a big no-no), used fake tanner on it and everything! I missssss it. Whilst being off accutane I stopped using cetaphil moisturiser as it felt too heavy. I was and currently am still using Help Me by Philosophy at night, whic
  2. So after 3 months of being off Accutane and having great skin, I have started breaking out again. Those 3 months were heaven, basically because I didn't even think about my skin much at all. Which was incredibly refreshing as normally my entire headspace is filled with thoughts about my skin. And it was perfect timing because it was summer here in Australia, I went on holiday which meant being makeup free around my friends and in public, and I felt fairly confident. After stopping accutane my s
  3. I apologize for totally failing on this log, lol. Anyways I am nearing the end of my accutane journey and it's going pretty good. I haven't had a single active in... well, I can't even remember to be honest. It's a really nice feeling being able to touch my face without running into any bumps. Of course I still have a lot of scarring which is quite dark and pigmented, others are slowly fading but overall my complexion just looks a bit muddy. Some of my scars are a bit pitted which sucks. But ove
  4. Week 8 of Accutane, still on 10mg 3 times per week So I apologize for completely neglecting this log... school has been so hectic. I had a blood test and saw my derm 2 weeks ago. He said the blood test results had come back really good, he inspected my face and said there was quite a lot of improvement for just being on the medication for 5 weeks. A lot less angry looking, which I agreed with. He told me to keep going at the same dosage because it seems to be working well and he doesn't want me
  5. Hey Jamie, I hope that Accutane will be your saving grace! Good thing that we're heading into winter in Australia right now, pretty much be screwed if it were summer with our ridiculously harsh sun! I can also just blame any dryness on the winter cold, haha. Wish you the best of luck for your journey
  6. DAY 13: So I've taken 6 pills so far (60mg) and no huge changes, although I do notice a minor (very minor) improvement. The clusters of pimples on my forehead have flattened down a bit, as before they were protruding out like half a centimetre I swear! It's also a lot less itchy. My lips are a little drier than usual, but I'm still only applying lip balm twice a day. I know I'm not supposed wax on accutane but I'm going to wax my eyebrows on the weekend, I can't deal with only plucking! The no w
  7. Yay for Aussies! Yep I am in year 12, tough year to be on Accutane but it will be worth it hopefully. Thanks for the offer I hope your appointment goes well!
  8. Just uploaded photos of my skin. Sorry that I'm subjecting you that horrible sight haha... yuck! I'm wayyy too embarrassed to show my whole face so I'll only be posting parts of it, but nevertheless I think it will be helpful to track my progress. I seriously admire those people who are brave enough to show their face. I guess I'm afraid that if I did, someone I know will somehow come across it!! God forbid if anyone from my school saw it, I'd probably jump off a building... I mean, the chances
  9. Yep we have the simple brand, although I looked up the reviews on MakeupAlley and I don't think they have anything super moisturising. The eye makeup remover and face wipes are great though! Right now I'm using the Cetaphil moisturising cream or KORA Organics moisturiser depending on what I feel like, MAC Cleanse off oil to remove makeup, and Acne.org cleanser. Ahh you're so lucky! That's great that you're handling the 80mg so well. I thought 20mg a day would be a good starting point for me but
  10. Thanks for the welcome guys I've been a long time occasional lurker on the message boards, but never made an account till now. Such a supportive community! @BeautifulDisasters I am taking 10mg three times a week. My derm didn't specify how long my course would be, I guess it's just we'll see how my skin responds and we'll go along according to that. Regarding the low dose to avoid bad initial breakout/side effects, yes I thought that too. I hope it's just to ease me into the treatment so it's n
  11. DAY 1: Took my first 10mg pill on Friday 18th of May. I am taking 10mg three times a week so on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Obviously no effects on me yet. I am not sure if my dermatologist put me on this amount to start off with, just to see how my body reacts or if this is what he thinks will be effective for my skin. I have to say, my first thought was "is that all?!" I thought 10mg per day was a fairly low dose but only three times a week? In my head I was screaming "GIVE ME MORE! My sk
  12. Hi there, I have finally reached this stage of getting my hands on Accutane... I so want to finally begin my path to clear skin and start my life. I have such low esteem, I say no to social outings, I struggle to look people in the eye, my entire headspace is filled about thoughts of my skin. A little info about me: I'm 17 turning 18 this year, Asian, female, from Australia. My height is 168cm and I weigh 50kg or 110lb. The derm has prescribed me 10mg of Oratane 3 times a week. I eat very health