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  1. He used the sciton erbium laser in full ablation mode. I’m not sure if the exact model is the contour trl. I currently do not want to share his name publicly due to my dissatisfaction but will PM you his info if you’d like! The doctor and his nurse I met with separately during pre-op both told me my scars were mostly shallow and on a superficial level. When showing me before and afters in the office they had cases with great improvement and told me that in the before pics the other patients h
  2. I’ve attached a pic of my scarring on my worst cheek looking its worst in that lighting. Based on my research it seemed fully ablative laser was the best option for me (numerous shallow but sharply defined scars lying in the same plane a la Dr. Davin Lim). I’ve also seen amazing before and after photos with my same type of scarring, in white papers and at the derm’s office that I chose. It just seems that he didn’t go deep enough if ablative results (sanding down scar shoulders) should be seen b
  3. I do have ethnic skin and he explained the hyperpigmentation that will follow, etc but you are right that he still did not go deep enough. I think he assumed I’d prefer to have less downtime/PIH and went lighter when in reality I don’t mind staying in for 2 weeks and have discoloration for upwards of a year if it means results. Very frustrating! Given the light laser peel, how long should I wait for my skin to recover before I can go back for more aggressive resurfacing?
  4. Hi all! I underwent fully ablative erbium resurfacing 1 week ago for my boxcar scarring. After 6 days I was fully peeled and barely pink, not the raw redness I expected after an aggressive fully ablative treatment. I was most looking forward to the smoothing out of the sharp, jagged edges of my scars. I understand collagen remodeling takes months but I assumed even though the depression from the scars would still be there, the shoulders would be softened and less demarcated. All of my scars loo
  5. Are you saying 3 sessions of the erbium or with the TCA cross it’s 3 sessions altogether?
  6. I’m glad you hear you’ve gotten great improvement! It seems from reviews that infini either works really well or no results. Does anyone know if it works well for icepick scars? I am definitely going to get another opinion. And will ask about filler. That’s the word I was looking for. Really thought my scars were monomorphic and would be amenable to resurfacing, especially with shaving of the scar shoulders, etc I would think rather deep tca peels would be good for resurfacing if abl
  7. Thanks for all the suggestions, guys! She did say that any type of filler or microneedling would be useless for my scarring. She suggested the two TCA 40% peels, and said THEN my scars would be shallow enough for fractional erbium laser and a final ablative laser to top it off. Maybe I should start with TCA Cross for some of the lone icepick scars. I see that you’ve had good results with Infini, Sirius Lee. Have the results held up? Do we have similar scarring?
  8. Thanks Petsme! The deep ice picks never really bothered me. But the boxcar scars do a lot. The doctor said too that I would need TCA cross but that I have so many scars so close together it would be too risky and instead recommended two deep 40% TCA peels. I just don’t know if that would raise up the ice picks since it would be treating the entire area? Has anyone done a deep peel for ice picks?
  9. I am at a loss. I didn’t think my scars were that bad. Other than a few that are deep, I thought most were rather shallow and would be amenable to resurfacing (like Dr. Lim suggests for shallow boxcar scarring). After sending these same pics to a doctor for a treatment plan, she said my scars are too deep for even fractional lasers to reach and far too deep to be smoothed by resurfacing. What do you guys think? Any help and insight into how deep they truly are and what treatments woul
  10. Hi moreimpossible, Thank you so much for sharing! Please take this as a compliment but I really don't see any rolling scars in your photos. I do see the icepick/boxcar scars and it also looks like those were the ones subcised from the redness in your after pics. Are those the scars you are referring to on the cheeks close to the nose? If so, those are the types of scars I would like to try subcision on and wasn't sure if it would work because it is a treatment targeted towards rolling scars.
  11. Hi NuMan, I don't have any information on Enerjet in the States, although I hope it's coming soon. I was wondering where you got the CO2RE laser done here?
  12. Hey Slee, it looks like he went a lot harder this time around! I hope you get great results from this session! I bet around week 6 they'll be really noticeable shallowing and improvement. Thank you for being so thorough in updating. All the best!
  13. Wait, I'm a bit confused. The color differences with spot treatment wouldn't be permanent though, right? I know people get hyperpigmentation but if it eventually fades, then I see no reason why blending is necessary if one doesn't mind a few months of mismatched colors. Or are we saying that the skin color will forever be different and so it best that it all matches?
  14. I'm so happy for you Slee! The scars do look a lot softer and I agree with your assessment of your improvement. I hope your next one is even better! Thank you so much for your diligence in keeping up this log. You have definitely given me hope. I, too, plan to do multiple sessions; as many as it takes to be satisfied.
  15. Hey Ozay, congrats on the improvement! Thank you so much for keeping us updated;it's really thoughtful of you. Would you mind telling us what types of scars you have, their severity, and your Fitz skin type? Thanks so much! Look forward to hearing more from you. Dr. Rahimi seems great! I'm really tempted to go visit this summer.