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  1. my acedemics my looks n girls but enough is enough!! lots f things i can do with acne 2! play eat drink its time we guys stop being sad n enjoy.. we live but once n yes acne has taken away our spirit bt not hope.. n its dfinately not gna take sports away from me!
  2. k now i figured that diet plays a mojor role in acne.. bt i dont knw if it can eliminate it all bt m tired of feeling bad evrytime i hav a dessert or pizza or chinese.. enough is enough.. frm tmrw starts my diet experiment for 2 weeks.. this is all m gonna hav for 2 weeks n post my devlopement on acne... 1) whole wheat bread 2) cooked vegitables 3) cooked pulses pls share ur views on my experiment guys!! n if u hav any questions pls ask
  3. same!! even i hav acne evrywhere! bt my face and neck cleared after i stopped dairy.. but bacne n leg acne is still there..
  4. i avoid milk bread nuts oily rice n sugery foods.. has cleared my acne a lot!!
  5. pls pls bfre accutane try ds... for 10 days eat boiled vegitables only.. ntg else no fruits no dairy no non veg no sweet stuff.. jst for 10 days.. m sure it will cure it n dn u will find wat d root prblm is.. n remember dont evr loose hope!!
  6. try no milk fruits rice n bread for 10 days.. c if it helps.. eat lot f veggies.. it helped me but u hav 2 b strict!! for 10 days dont eat dis stuff n c.. hope i helped
  7. avoid milk n fruits for 10 days.. c f it helps it got rid of my neck acne! n f d grl beside you is ur gf then i dont c hw can u b upset at all!!?
  8. dude try dis bfre medications, i think it will help u.. for 15 days just eat boiled vegitables n put lot f greens in it.. u shud see improvement within the period n mayb it will completely go away! dnt evr loose hope..
  9. i hav bacne 2 i m 19 now n had them since 13.. it hasnt cured yet but i think i hav made a breakthrough n last few months.. bt i hasnt cleared yt bt still gve it a try if u want.. cut fruits n nuts n rice n dairy n high suger foods.. my bacne is reduced though not gone.. m gna go on vegitable diet frm tmrw.. nly boiled vegitables for 2 weeks.. hope it helps..
  10. do you take mix vegetable juices or take them individually?? (i knw it sounds silly but still...)
  11. i agree wid you throughout! but not on d fruits.. i hav not been eating fruits for a month n it has showed great improvement n my body acne..
  12. also f u dont mind me askng.. has the diet thing completely cured your acne?? or do u still get the occasional pimple?? i wanted 2 knw is diet the cause of acne or it just inflames d acne which s already there??
  13. @wingedserpent f u dont mind me askng.. has the diet thing completely cured your acne?? or do u still get the occasional pimple?? i wanted 2 knw is diet the cause of acne or it just inflames d acne which s already there??
  14. nah its freshly squeezed! i will start adding salt instead f honey.. hope it helps..
  15. i got 2 new acne n my back tdy after so long i kept on wondering y.. n i guess its cause f d snickers i had yday.. but i find it hard 2 believe coz i ate dry fruits aftr so long n i cant break out jst coz f one snicker!! dn i remembered u saying suger myt b a factor.. n evry morning i drink lemon juice wid 2 tablespoons f honey.. so shud i stop taking honey?? y cant it go away..
  16. does honey contain lot f suger?? is it okay 2 have 2 table spoons of honey evryday??
  17. yeah all forms f dairy.. bt i do eat cheese n yogurt occasionally.. i think evry1 shud maintain a food journal! dat ways they can find it easier 2 check out which food they r intolerant 2!!
  18. just had a sucky day n reading ds improved it!!
  19. i postd ds n body acne messege board bt no 1 rplyd so i will try posting here!! i had body acne ( moderate 2 severe acne n face back shoulders upper arms butt n thighs) n for d last year my face has been COMPLETELY clear!! n i figured ds s coz i stopped taking milk!! but my body acne though reduced dint go away dn i started experimenting wd odr food stuff! n now hav stopped taking fruits n no new acne has come on my body for d last month.. just d old ones gtng big n going away.. bt since its