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  1. u should look in the nutrition and holistic health section.. you will find a great deal of advice there.. n yeah i 2 believe pimples can form overnight.. i haven't tried the regime so i cant help you there sry.. 1 food that's definately a culprit is dairy!!
  2. sry for replying this late.. yeah they take your blood sample.. i had it done yesterday n will get the results this Wednesday.. will update when my results come
  3. i noticed a huge difference when i gave up potatoes and refined carbs like white rice, white bread etc.. n i gave up fruits.. hope this helps i do eat whole wheat bread though..
  4. will u go out with me?? my weight has been constant frm 10th grade.. weird han?? but doesnt matter if i eat less or more its always the same!! and i want 2 gain weight
  5. haha lolz.. that bitch! i figured out what to do though.. since i have nothing 2 do for 6 months i m going to learn cooking.. this way i will be sure that i m not eating stuff m intolerant to n plus may be impress girls in future i know this is not the solution i was looking for but my skin is clear now and i want it to stay that way so..
  6. well tdy my crush tld me a guy asked hr out n she said yes.. i nvr tld her i liked hr cause of acne n now that i did she said y dint i tell her sooner!? n now its 2 late.. but on the plus side my skin is a ltl cleare tdy
  7. i being a vegetarian was skeptical about cutting potato from my diet.. i have potato every day.. but i havnt for last 3 days n i can already see the improvement.. m on a very strict diet so i wantd 2 have juice so i dont feel hungry a lot so these vegitable juice is low n suger right 2 tomatoes 2 carrots 2 cucumbers 1/2 beetroot coz i read even carrot n beetroot are high GI food!!
  8. no need 2 apologize! n i wont b going this semester.. i decided will join from next semester coz i want 2 get clear 1st.. also i drink carrot juice everyday at home, which allergens i should i be careful about!? i dint get u properly there.. n i dont knw bout all fruits but these definately do.. mango(breaks me out like hell), banana, papaya.. so for present have left all fruits out right now n also juices.. m on a elimination diet so.. acne has gone down a lot (touch wood) so i guess m on
  9. but what if m out n hungry?? there shud b one safe bet that i can eat!! I dunno. Perhaps there is. Someone else would be able to answer this better for you. I've altered my entire lifestyle in an effort to heal my skin and health. I haven't eaten out for three years now and haven't touched "junk" food for a long time before that. When I'm out and I get hungry (doesn't usually happen because I'm one of those ultra-prepared people who brings a bottle of water and snacks with them everywhere) I ju
  10. lolz.. a skunk we guys should plan a party or sumtng.. then all of us people can have fun n we wont evn hav 2 worry bout our skin coz evry 1 will have acne!!
  11. but what if m out n hungry?? there shud b one safe bet that i can eat!!
  12. try anything u want but for 7 days keep this strict diet it cleared me up mostly.. no fruits no sugar n stuff that contains sugar not even little no nuts especially peanuts no refined grains like white bread white rice etc.. no raw stuff ( m not sure bout the raw stuff yet) but its difficult 2 digest than cooked is known.. eat whole grains, cooked vegitables, cooked pulses, apparently anything which is sugar free n not on the above list.. it helped me n i so hope it helps u!! best f luck!!
  13. i said a little cooler!! i nver said its not lame! but this is a nice topic do tell me what excuse u used though.. You could even just say something about wanting to be healthier. You wouldn't have to mention acne either. Who knows, she might even find that attractive. I think it'd show that the guy is concerned about his health and is looking after himself, if that makes sense. i am more on the lean side.. so if i tell her i m not eating coz i care for my health n she being a girl is eating
  14. ohkay guys i will be going to college soon n i know that even a Little amount of sugar causes me acne.. m not allergic to wheat or gluten though.. so what all junk foods are safe for me 2 eat when i m out?? n yeah they should contain 0% sugar.. i just cant think of any.. do burgers contain sugar?? coz white bread does..
  15. i think even a small amount of sugar causes me acne... (found that out just recently) and even m gonna meet my crush (who i think likes me 2) n a week.. now if i cant eat sugar then i cant eat outside.. i don't think they make anything out there without sugar.. so i thot about it n this is the excuse i have come up with.." i m sugar intolerant.." i cant tell a girl that i don't eat sugar cause it causes acne! she will just laugh.. intolerance makes it sound a little cooler n i will say i
  16. thanx for d views.. m going 2 take a break from the diet now.. have become very thin! not a good thing for a guy but m gonna vigorously avoid sugar n post my updates.. but pls do keep posting your views guys.. i really do need help!!
  17. okay so i have been on only cooked vegetables diet for 5 days!! and eat only twice a day coz i thot food was the cause of my acne!! but i also cheated on the 2nd day with 2 Oreo cookies n the 4th day with 3 n i got like new acne without fail the nest day of eating them so basically i wanted 2 know that sugar in such low quantity can still cause acne?? can i never have sugar?? or can vegetables cause acne 2?? n i know for sure my acne is food related.. the list of vegetables i had cabbag
  18. wel its a good thing u decided 2 live! evn i get depressed a lot bt the thing i figured is 2 make d best of it.. so i dont think a lot bout my acne n belive me its vry bad.. i play sports a lot coz it keeps me active n also takes my mind of acne i think evn u shud do sumtng u love which u wudnt do coz of ur acne.. d worst thing for me is i cant get a girl bt at d end of night i figure its not dat important.. f i find sum1 then good if i dont there is always hope but the main thing is 2 concent
  19. thnx for replying!! i m actually on only veggies diet for the last 2 days n the effect is already showing! but m worried that how will i survive when i move 2 college nxt year.. m already a vegitarian n when i eliminate grains all i am left with is nothing but veggies! but yeah i wil prefer eating vegitables for the rest of my life than dealing with acne.. i feel for you!! m taking a part time job 2 afford it.. i will have 2 work n save for 3 mnths though.. i jst dont want my efforts 2 go wast
  20. thnx.. n when u avoided those foodstuffs did u c any diffrence??
  21. i was thinking of geting food intolerent test done.. its pretty costly for me. so do u guys think its worth it? pls rply..
  22. guys do u think getting a food intolerent test done is worth it??
  23. i stopped bread also now.. n got 1 new yday bt majority is clear at present.. hope it all goes away.. n m aslo thinking of geting a food intolerent test done?? nly thing is its vry costly