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  1. The show was really moving. Especially regarding Jesse's story. You were brill on it and I admire your courage. Your face looked fab after the treatment. How is your face now?
  2. Excuse me for saying so, but you are a very lusty promiscuous woman. It is my personal feeling that I do not feel normal whilst I am in this condition. Therefore, I remain chaste and withdrawn. I simply cannot have a relationship with a woman who merely lusts over me, even in spite of obvious problems that I have. Why is it that women can never approach me in a friendly, amiable manner; instead giving me some ridiculous coy grin? Accutane is the answer to all of this nonsense. Eliminate the dise
  3. Hey everyone, If you live in the UK you should watch 'Dying for Clearer Skin' tonight at 9pm on BBC Three. It might be really useful and you might even find a potential treatment for your skin. Should be interesting. I'm gonna watch it!
  4. Hey, I bought argan oil from this great website: http://www.fushi.co.uk/face-care/oils/argan-oil-organic.html I live in the UK but Im pretty sure they also do international shipping. I am not too sure about virgin olive oil...i used it once and thought it was too greasy and heavy to use on the face, plus, it is very hard to wash off completely in the mornings. Argan oil is lightwieght and non-greasy; plus a dime size can cover your entire face! Argan oil has made my skin even toned and got ri
  5. First thing is first, I am not writing this blog to show off in any way! However, I want to share my current happiness with you to inspire and hopefully change your mindset into a positive and optimistic one! So, the reason why life is good at the moment is because I have just celebrated my third month of being consistently clear Before then, I suffered from irritated, prickly rash-looking acne which covered my entire face. At the time, I felt low and ugly and didn't go out as much...which
  6. apparently lavender is an irritant...so i would not use it on your face. have you tried argan oil? that cleared me up and there are many success stories you can find on the internet
  7. first thing first do not squeeze them especially if they do not have a whitehead and contain pus, as you will just end up scarring the skin. You may have a cosmetic allergy to something...or if you are like me that have long side burns you will need to pay particularly to this area when you cleanse as it can gather more dirt. I use argan oil both day and night and that has made me clear and continues to keep spots at bay. i only get one or two tiny spot a month now
  8. try bio oill or Palmer's skin therapy oil and massage it to affected areas 3 times a day
  9. Hi, I have these razor bumps on my armpits and i was wondering whether any one has any tips on how I can get rid of them? I really do not want to put any strong topical cream on it... Thanks!
  10. i am happy that you found something that works for your acne but you need to understand that everyone's skin is different. My skin is extremely sensitive so I only use argan oil which has made me completely clear
  11. Awwww this is very inspiring...glad to see u applied for med school and getting your life back on track. Praise God! So once you come off Clarus what is the next step? as i assume you dont want to be hooked on it for the rest of your life...
  12. dont give up! have you tried argan oil? this is what i used and it cleared my moderate acne in less than a week! i use it day and night after i cleanse my face and it keeps me clear and diminishes any new spot i get.. its natural so there is no irritation worries. I got mine from here: http://www.fushi.co.uk/face-care/oils/argan-oil-organic.html Good luck!
  13. When you overwash your skin, the skin produces more oil to make up for the oil loss which in turn leads to acne/spots. Even though the skin may not appear oily, it is prone to getting spots. I know this from experience...so now I restrict to washing my skin for like 10 seconds!