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  1. I've had the same type of experience with the jawline acne. I didn't have much on my jawline area of my chin before but during the IB i got a lot there and it's just starting to subside now. There is mostly just redness there, mostly just redness all over but I'm at the 2nd month and apparently results are significant in the 3rd. So anyway it's mostly just the red marks now but I had what you had before.
  2. Thanks that's reassuring, I think one of mine did turn into a small scab (really small, like a dot) and I was worrying because I have never picked my skin.
  3. Waiting is the safest option for red marks and spots. You can try other solutions if you really want. I don't know how long it will take since mine haven't healed.
  4. Good point! If i did feel reassured that i am ok since everybody else isn't any good then that would make me just like those people who reassured themsleves by thinking they were better than me. What i meant more though was that a lot of people on these boards and people with skin problems have probably had their fair share of people in their past who picked on them for their acne, especially at school, but seeing them years later i just realise that they are only people who said and did stupid
  5. So I have been taking Differin and Eryacne. It has been about one month and I have definitely had an initial breakout. I used to have a really good side but now it has become the worse side. My other side has kinda stayed the same, a lot of red marks and spots and several tiny bumps. As well as my previously good side, my forehead was also previously pretty clear and now it is just as bad as everywhere else, in fact it is the place with the most actives at the moment. My chin also has 3 ne
  6. There is some truth in this but overall I think you are looking at it the wrong way. You should be looking at things from a positive point of view and you should not need to be reassured that you are ok since everybody else isn't any good. E.G. I am not Asian but I hear a lot of people saying that Asian people are only smart because they don't have a life. Wrong. They are smart because they work hard and it doesn't matter if they are forced to or not, they get the work done. You should not need
  7. I don't notice any dryness at all. My skin feels fine all the time. I do however have worse acne then I did at the start of my treatment but I think that is the initial breakout.
  8. Ok cool. Yeah it did dry my skin out a little but I just assumed that was a side effect of it anyway since I've heard of worse side effects on other treatments.
  9. So being very silly I used a lot of differin each night for the past 14-20 days or so. Does this mean that it would not have been working? I am going to use the pea sized amount but what effects has my overuse had? It would be a relief to know that I haven't wasted 2-3 weeks so far! I haven't noticed much of a difference recently, I have stll had new pimples but they go away quickly with the differin/eryacne combo but I do have lots of marks and spots on my cheeks and chin. I also have a smal
  10. I love you. You love me. Were a happy family! Nothing wrong with crying over your skin, it can sometimes help to release some of the inner pain we all feel towards having acne issues. I think a lot of us feel like this all i can do is give you a hug and keep your head up Thank you both It does make me feel better being reminded that I'm not the only one feeling like this and that most people arou
  11. So I have this annoying red mark on my nose. It is not as bad as a pimple but there used to be one there. It isn't right in the middle but I've had one there before. Anyway, this red mark is getting really annoying and doesn't seem to be fading or anything after 2 weeks. Maybe I have to wait longer, who knows? Nobody. But that isn't why I have come here, I just wanted to ask if anybody else has had a similar experience or if you have any advice. Thanks!
  12. I have this red mark, on my nose as well. I had something like that as well for a while once... so It would be great to know any solutions to this.
  13. Ahh yes, getting invited out is another way I can meet people that I thought of. I'm pretty sure this will happen since I will definitely meet friends, or my old friends who may invite me out. I will also take your advice and be prepared to hang out by getting my work done!
  14. The problem is that now I am too excited but I have lots of work to do and I'm wasting time thinking of stuff like this...
  15. Hey everyone, I have just decided to start washing my face only once a day at night so I don't aggravate my red marks. I have also decided to completely stop touching my face. So I was just wondering, If you feel the temptation, what do you do? As in, there might be an itch or something, how do you stop yourself from thinking about it? Thanks!