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  1. I just opened this blog now even though I've had this account for months and have only posted a few times on the forum, but well I just wanted to dump my feelings somewhere. I get depressed about my acne quite often, but usually I've learned to not let it get to me too much and just occupy myself with other things. Still, my skin is the thing that concerns me the most, it's the thing that worries me, annoys me, depresses me the most, everyday. I'm always thinking about my skin, I go to the b
  2. Veeery bad. I have like 3 pimples but thing is that I have so many red marks that it just looks like I got a hundred. My skin just looks awful...I've been using BP again for like more than a week, 2.5% by Neutrogena...but this one doesn't seem to work as well or quickly as the 10%...But I think 10% would be too harsh for my skin in the long run and the dryness and flakiness would be too much. Sigh, wish I could get nice skin already and stop feeling disgusting and wanting to die everytime I look
  3. Is it normal for the eyes to swollen when using BP?...The area under my right eye is red and when I woke up it was all puffy. It looks better now but the redness is still there. Obviously I don't apply the BP on my eye area, so I don't know why it's happening.
  4. Worst soap I ever tried IMO. It didn't feel gentle at all...despite being all "natural". It would leave my face super dry and tight...I felt like I had some egg whites mask on. It also would sting a bit. Plus it's a very ugly soap!
  5. I think it does since it's such a harsh product. Using strong chemicals on your face a lot will eventually make your skin look less youthful and more "thin". I wish I had known all I know now before I decided to try so many products on my face. Now I feel like my skin doesn't look youthful enough for a 23 year old. I do think my skin aged quicker than it's supposed to.
  6. Well I just expected for people to be a lot more helpful in this site than any other because it's quite known and is focused only on Acne. But well I just feel bad for the people that ask things and never receive a single reply. Anyway thanks for answering.
  7. Well I don't think the water at my home is too hard. But when I travel and I stay at hotels, my skin starts getting really bad. So, I think the water at hotels is quite harsh and drying for the skin. How do you even get distilled water though?...is it the filtered water you use to drink? Anyway, I admit my diet is not good at all. I barely drink water, I never eat vegetables or fruits...and I drink a lot of soda (I'm improving on this). But well, it's not easy to fix those bad eating habits.
  8. I must say that people in this site are not very helpful. I see many threads left with 0 responses.
  9. I do feel like BP ages skin because of the extreme dryness it causes. So of course too much lack of moisturize in your skin is obviously going to make you age faster. Also I think BP also thins your skin...making it more prone to damage/scarring and fine lines/wrinkles. That's why I don't want to use a Regimen that requires you to use BP on your face for months and months, because even if it gets rid of your acne, your skin won't necessarily be any more healthy. It will just be super dry and irr
  10. Hello, I'm looking for a cleanser with no chemicals/irritating ingredients. I've tried a bunch of drugstore cleansers, including Cetaphil which a lot of people recommend, but I did not like it at all. I felt it wasn't cleaning my face at all and within the same day or the next I noticed a bunch of red bumps all over my face, so I never used it again. My acne is moderate I think?...I don't have cystic acne, just normal pimples which can be painful and really red. Also my skin is really oily bu