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  1. Hello Inspired,

    I have an appeal to you.  I would like to download this book : 

    "Acne Scars: Classification and Treatment (Series in Dermatological Treatment)"

    which you have postet in your topic on Nov./2012, but it´s not possible anymore.


    Could you please send it to me on my email?

    [email protected]

    thank you




  2. I don't know much about CO2RE but if your doctor used the highest settings for the depth stated, then it is equivalent to Active FX or MixTo. In other words, it is not a deep laser. You will likely experience softening to the surface area of your scars and overall skin tightening. I would be surprised if you notice much shallowing to your deeper ice picks because the laser simply couldn't have hit the base of those scars. With one pass at that depth, you may not experience much hyperpigmentat
  3. Wow. Your stamping sessions must be pretty intense for redness to last that long. Do you easily suffer from redness? I do not think weeks of redness is the norm. At most my redness lasts 3-4 days in certain spots. It only lasts that long when I use a topical that causes burning like 20% vitamin c serum. Otherwise the redness fades pretty quickly. I have only experienced weeks to months of redness after Cross and Co2 laser. I assume the OP is hoping to benefit from temporary swelling. Dependi
  4. Microdermabrasion won't do anything for ice pick scars or scarred pores. It should improve the overall texture and color of your skin. It is good for exfoliation and leaves your skin looking renewed and polished but it doesn't go deep enough to improve real scars. They say diamond microdermabrasion is the best. Best of luck treating your scars.
  5. This is just a facial scrub. Not sure why they call it microdermabrasion because it is not remotely similar. Highly unlikely it will do anything for scarring. I have used MUAC's scrubs in the past. Never with the hope of improving scars though. Scrubs are good for exfoliation of dead skin cells. You should research hypertropic scar treatments if that is your issue. The nose is delicate and how you treat raised scars depends on the type of scarring. I would consult with a doctor and certainl
  6. Uh, I think it depends on what were the intentions of that person. Maybe that picture was supposed to be an allusion, like, "hey, look how good can you look w/o scars. You just have to do something about it". A lot of people have absolutely no knowledge of how to treat acne scarring. I mean, why would anyone with great skin research scar treatments? They think that a simple procedure or one laser treatment will make your problem go away, unfortunately they are terribly mistaken. It's normal (
  7. Sorry to hear you are down. I have been through a lot in life as well. I try to look at it as a blessing in disguise and force myself to keep moving forward. A couple years ago, I started cutting out negative people from my life and putting my needs first. It was difficult at the time but looking back, I am happy I made a positive change. You deserve better and should allow yourself to have it. Also don't take my advice on returning the favor with a photoshopped image. If I were you, I would de
  8. I take back what I said. Appears they fixed Search. I last tried it a few months ago and you couldn't get results more than 180 days old. I was actually trying it by PM with someone else at the forum and neither of us could get older threads but it is working now.
  9. Search only goes back a set period of time now. You can't search all posts. I use Google. Simply type site:acne.org followed by your search term, like this: site:acne.org subcision As long as Google has crawled the page, it will appear. site:acne.org must be all lowercase for Google to return only acne.org results. Silly that acne.org limited everyone's ability to do research. The site used to be a great resource. If they are worried about bandwidth or using too many server resources, the
  10. If that happened to me, that person would no longer be a friend. I don't need people like that in my life. If the person is fat, bald or something else, I'd return the favor -- Photoshop a picture, post it on his/her timeline and then de-friend. I have had people make rude comments about my skin and I am always quick to point out a flaw in return. It has never gone over well.
  11. Hey NoHope, The study had a large group of participants. It was done on behalf of the manufacturer and for all types of scarring and skin conditions. Not sure I have seen the study you are referring to. I know there is a Canadian doctor that was part of the research group and he brought the device to Canada. Have you tried consulting with him? What is your ethnicity? Your skin looks darker than mine. If that is the case, I probably wouldn't chance an aggressive laser treatment either. Trea
  12. Here is one old thread on it: Too bad the link to the study is no longer available. It had quite a lot of photos of patients with acne scars and the results were truly unimpressive. They were using that study for marketing too. They used to have a japanese site with a gallery of before/after photos but I can't find it now. Some of the patients really did look worse. Maybe they took the pictures too soon. I'd be interested to see a new study.
  13. I did a Google search on Intracel last night and realized Japan was one of the first countries to offer it. A couple Japanese studies were released around 2009 and the after photos were really unimpressive. In fact, a couple people with acne scarring looked worse. If you search this forum with Google, you can find the old threads. I thought Intracel sounded familiar and now I recall why. At one point, I did consider it but the results on acne scarring simply couldn't compare to laser. Now that I
  14. Ha filler is hylaluronic acid filler. I would try the one Blahblah suggested. It is long lasting and safe.
  15. I would definitely give Intracel a shot if I could. I will have to check and see if it is in Japan when I return home. Interesting that it closed your pores. My enlarged pores definitely accentuate my poor skin texture. Nothing has helped with that either. I actually think Active FX made the situation worse. My pores seem larger now. I can't prove it but if you compare my eyelids or neck to the rest of my face there is a noticeable difference in pore size. I didn't experience this when I only tr