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  1. I've read this as well - apparently zinc is anti-inflammatory and boosts the immune system. I just started taking it so don't know yet whether it will help.
  2. I read somewhere that jawline acne in women is usually highly inflammatory and caused by hormones. Could be the result of you changing BC. I'm 25 and I have similar acne that really flares up before my period. Mine is really exacerbated by stress so you might want to try incorporating some relaxing activities into your daily schedule along with whatever medication you try.
  3. Yes, and I did not find that it caused depression. In fact, my mood steadily improved as the acne started to go away. After 6 years of enduring bad acne/scarring, it just felt so amazing not to have to worry about my skin. The connection between Accutane --> depression is a bit shaky. That being said, its always good to be careful and aware of potential side effects. But if your acne is quite severe like mine was, the Accutane might make your life a lot easier.
  4. Since my diet seems to really affect whether I get PMS I would guess that it could greatly affect pre-menstrual flare ups as well. I think because it can affect the levels of the hormones...BTW, I think hormonal acne is often concentrated along the jawline for a lot of women.
  5. It definitely affects it a lot! I got involved with my ex-boyfriend when my skin was calm...I think I would have stayed away if it had been flaring up. I have avoided people even if they were showing an interest because I felt bad about my skin. I've skipped social engagements, etc...even now I have mostly scars and it makes me feel unconfident. I feel a little better though if I'm wearing makeup.
  6. Hi Foomph, Thanks for your response. I was curious about Diane-35 because my breakouts are a lot worse pre-period, in fact this recent flare coincided with it...did you get any side effects from it? Thanks, Gypsy
  7. Hey thanks so much for your response. I'm sorry you are going through the same thing. Is it really true the cure rate goes up the second time? My acne isn't as bad as it was pre-Accutane so that gives me some hope. I have been on Retin-A for the treatment of the scars and its been helping, but its a bummer because now with the new acne I feel like I have to start all over! I get pretty bad scarring on my cheeks. But after the course the redness was a LOT better...best skin I ever had, by far. Ho
  8. Hi all, I had moderate cystic acne on my cheeks for 6 years. When I was 23 I finally got put on Accutane and it worked beautifully...I felt "normal" for the first time ever! My skin completely cleared up, I quit worrying about it and started to focus on my life...was clear for 1 1/2 years... Last month went I went through a really stressful time and my skin completely broke out with cysts again and everything. I am so bummed. I keep getting a new pimple every day and some of them hurt! I real
  9. I tried B5 years ago...and everything else under the sun too! But accutane finally worked YAY!!!!!
  10. Five months and...I'm clear I'm clear I'm clear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...album&album=310 Thank God for Accutane!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Pictures for my Accutane log
  12. If you're not sexually active then no...if you are then, absolutely.
  13. Hi Melbourne Bloke, Growing up I ate terribly...typical American diet: Pepsi, pizza, candy, processed foods...you name it, I had it. Luckily (or unluckily) I had a fast metabolism, never put on weight, so I never thought about it being bad about me. I totally used to laugh at "health nuts" and even vegetarians... Then my family moved to santa fe, which is full of "health nuts" and by just talking to people I started to learn all these things I would never had suspected of before...hormones i
  14. I think I am scarring more easily on Accutane ...I scar pretty easy anyway though. The red marks are more noticeable too, but I'm just glad the acne is going away.