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  1. working out, staying in shape in general and eat plenty.
  2. Pff, get your eggs from healthy chickens and they should be organic.. dont know about your country but here we dont have that shit. many people eat raw eggs its more healthy aswell
  3. i work out in morning and evening so i just do cold showers after workout, without soap on my face. ever since i started this i get no breakouts anymore...
  4. i eat kinda boring but: bananas mass eggs ( raw) alot of steak ( red meat) natural yoghurt raw carrots apart from that i can eat anything really, but i make sure i get those every day. High protein is the stuff!
  5. just water is the shit, my skin looks alot better after i skipped using any soap or other products
  6. eat eggs raw 3-5/day, the allergy appears when you cook them.
  7. Sounds like seborrheic dermatitis or so, i got the same.. it started on 1 side after a night out on heavy coke and ive had it for more than 1 year now its on both sides atm.
  8. I tried tea tree cleanser fro body shop after 5 days of use i got like 20 zits, stopped using it and they are all going away.
  9. honestly your skin looks kinda like mine apart from me having seborrheic dermatitis around nose, just skip the cleansing products and do cold showers to close your pores
  10. Ill do this aswell been like a few days, i just breakout whenever i wank btw add cold showers every day, boosts testo.
  11. This is bullshit, ive tried pretty much everything fuckall works.. im gonna check my vitamin levels and see if there is anything wrong, i dont belive you need a candida diet for sd.. even then people havent cured it.
  12. for me it does in some cases, alteast in peroids when i drink/smoke alot of weed and wank i get breakouts, however if i dont wank i dont break out
  13. Mabye you have candida, go to your doctor and get tested!
  14. If you got alot of acne on back/neck its probaly because of tension
  15. Day 13, my nose used too have cracked skin around it its going away and same goes for redness on my chin/around my nose and lips its drying out and looking better! Ive got a few zits but no big deal
  16. Honestly sounds to me like anyone with SD could benefit from caveman regiment, i have SD atleast what my derm told me its really red and oily no flakes until i started the caveman regiment now there is dead skin falling of and redness is going away. SD can be caused by Yeast, and you can get that kinda infection if your skin is damaged. In the caveman thread there is tons of people that have flakes/dead skin falling of on and around their nose like crazy which is exactly the same like SD, so tr
  17. day 9, dead skin build up on my nose around my nose and in my nostrils down my lips etc, also around my cheeks.. all the right areas where my SD is spotted, im positive its fading away! I will keep it up for another 20 days, so pumped about this.
  18. Im on day 6 my skin is terrible oily aswell as slightly red/pink on affected areas, i have started working out twice a day aswell now and on top of that 1 hour sun each day. I have insane itching at times and pain on my nose/eyes, tho it does really feel like something is happening to my face as before i had blurred vision etc now its not as bad anymore! How long do you guys reckon i should wait before i wash my face?
  19. I hardly have any acne anymore, but my derm told me i had seborrheic dermatitis and she said there was no cure too this... it can be oily or flaky red inflamed enzema in your skin. I have it around my nose and on my lips down my cheeks and so on.. its horrible very oily and red so i have tried everything there is so then i decided to go with this method, my mate told me something about this a long time i ago but i just ignored it. However now im on day 2 and my face is shining of oil i guess tha