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  1. Just a quick update, sorry I haven't been updating for so long! I stopped using Epiduo around 4 months ago, that may not be exact but it's been a while. I changed over to using bp and saw a lot more improvement. Most of my acne cleared up apart from 2 - 3 actives. I've continued to take Lymecycline antibiotics which I have been told to take for a further 6 months. I saw my derm on 3 January and she prescribed me Retin A 0.01% gel which she said would fade my pigmentation scars. I've been us
  2. Just a quick update, I saw my derm on 3 January and she prescribed me Retin A 0.01% gel which she said would fade my pigmentation scars. I've been using this every second night for 2 1/2 weeks and then started using it every night 3 nights ago - so far I haven't experienced any purging/breakout or dryness or peeling, just 2 tiny red bumpy zits and some minor flakiness around my chin and nostrils. My red acne scars are fading nicely and my skin feels soft and smooth. It's even cleared my blackhea
  3. Thanks for the update It's been a while since I've been online here too! It sucks when you get some ass make some comment on your skin, especially when you think it looks ok, it's very disheartening and I know how you must have felt in that moment. Since I last posted on here, I stopped using Epiduo...and went back to bp...and I have to say, the redness, pigmentation marks from where my cysts and zits had once been and super shiny oiliness has improved so so much. Even my pores don't
  4. Hey, thanks for the update Being busy is good, it helps to take your mind off skin troubles...well it helps me haha. Hopefully you're skin will calm down if you continue to use it how you are for a while.Hey no worries, I just took the advice from my dermatologist and I don't mind passing it on lol. Although I have the redness and occasional soreness from Epiduo, I definitely have no dry skin or tightness or flakiness - maybe the cetaphil gentle cleanser helps to keep my skin moist? Who knows!
  5. I know that feel all too well man. 25 here and acne has stayed the same since 14. I have been told I have great facial features too and I also have some scarring but that's whatever. It doesn't detract that much and have even been told it makes me look rugged. I'm sure girls view your scars the same. Honestly for guys our age, I am realizing more and more that accutane is the only answer and everything else is just wasting our time. Just sucks that the best method is a poison. Creams, di
  6. I should never have cancelled that Roaccutane consultation a few weeks back, I was put off it but now i'm in pain feeling ugly and getting more and more scars and cysts. Antibiotics and topicals are a waste of time. I said Roac was my last resort...I guess it's come to that now. Had enough now. 29 and dealing with this is a crock of shit.
  7. The chin cyst I posted a pic of yesterday has developed a head on it overnight! Wasn't in a head before I went to bed, was in a huge yellow head when I woke!! And the head on the cheek zit is bigger and more yellow. I didn't take an antibiotic before bed, I'm cutting back to one in the morning again. I really don't want to leave the house today but I have no choice. My skin looks awful but I'm not stressing as much as yesterday at least.
  8. I'm feeling pretty p****d off about it today. The last time I saw a dermatologist she told me to increase my dosage of antibiotics to one in the morning, one in the evening...I've been doing this for a week and my skin has been breaking out so bad - at first I put it down to makeup or a change in cleanser (both of which I only used a few times then quit) but yesterday I woke up with a huge painful pimple on my cheek. I'm not sure if it's a cyst because it has a pus filled head but it feels deep
  9. I'm on week 9 now...I had a bit of a set back last week/earlier this week because I thought it'd be ok to start wearing makeup again and I changed cleanser but these changes made me breakout a little - nothing TOO major, just some small zits around my chin, a small pusy zit on my cheek that's now cleared and one on my neck that's still not shifting. Also, I started getting sore raised lumps where I had scarring from some cysts that cleared on each side of my temples but they too have cleared now
  10. I hear you hun, I've been there and I know the private hell you're going through...the thing to remember is you're not alone in feeling like this. Feel free to rant to us any time and get it all off your chest! I really hope the spiro clears you up very soon. Stay strong! Hugs x
  11. Yep you got it! Mine told me to cleanse morning and night with Cetaphil, apply a topical at night (Epiduo) and put me on antibiotics. And because my acne is cystic I've had two dermatologists try to get me on Roaccutane.
  12. Has anyone tried Oxy On The Spot? It contains bp 2.5%. I read the box and it says if you see no improvement after 14 days to consult your GP. So is this not meant for long term use?
  13. That's great! I think that's normal, I got 2 zits where I never ever get them before as soon as I started using Epiduo but they did vanish pretty quickly. I love your way of thinking! It's so much easier to deal with acne when you have a positive attitude towards it. Keep it up and stay strong!!
  14. I think Spiro would be good for me, even on antibiotics and using a topical my skin is oily and shiny and my scalp gets oily too. I'm definitely going to speak to my Dr about it Thanks for the advice, don't forget to keep me posted on your progress with it!
  15. Thanks I'm gonna stick it out to the 6 month mark, I'm optimistic my skin will be much clearer by then. And keep us posted on your progress ok?